Thursday, January 09, 2014

The big plus Doug Nussmeier brings to the table as Michigan's offensive coordinator

Shane Morris: Lefty QB getting ideal coach
If you look at new Michigan offensive coordinator Doug Nussmeier's resume, it is canon fodder for Michigan State and Ohio State fans to take shots. He was off-the-chart-goofy former MSU coach John L. Smith's star quarterback at Idaho. He was also his offensive coordinator at MSU. He does have NFL experience, a large chunk of it on departing Lions' offensive coordinator Scott Linehan's staff during his underwhelming tenure as head coach of the Rams.
He did run the offense for Nick Saban at Alabama, but it's like Saban can't get him out of town fast enough.
Yet, here's the bottom line about Nussmeier: He is good offensive coordinator with a varied background and should be an upgrade from Al Borges, who seemed to lose grasp in 2013.
An very important aspect of Nussmeier that specifically fits Michigan is that he was a left-handed QB himself, a very good one, who played in the NFL. It should help greatly with the development Shane Morris, a lefty.
A lot of programs and NFL teams shy away from left-handed QBs because they must flip their offense (the right tackle does what the left does in the passing game, the center snap is different, etc.) to accommodate.
Brady Hoke couldn't have found a coach more versed for these adjustments than Nussmeier, and there get the most out of Morris, an obvious talent.
However, the bottom line is it isn't going to matter if Michigan doesn't play better fundamental football. It starts with run blocking and the middle of their offensive line, which was dreadful last year.


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