Tuesday, June 30, 2015

My thoughts on Justin Verlander's outing - and James McCann

There are two ways of looking at Justin Verlander's outing tonight. One is that he used to deal like Gerrit Cole is for the Pirates tonight, and doesn't anymore. The other, is Verlander did make progress. He adjusted well after a bad start and kept the Tigers in the game. I think he is going to contribute significantly to the Tigers as the season moves on. He did hit 96 mph and started to show better command. Ultimately, Verlander's outing tonight was much more good than bad.
- I've viewed James McCann as similar to his manager, Brad Ausmus, as an MLB catcher. He is fundamentally sound, smart and athletic with some, but not a lot, of pop in his bat. But there are signs he may be better than that if hits his upside. His throws tonight have brilliant. He's started to show some power. And he is starting rake against right-handers, not just lefties.

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Blogger John Leach said...

There's a third way to look at Verlander. Last year he was merely a journeyman pitcher. Almost halfway through this year, while being paid another whopping $28million, he has yet to win a single game. Something is very wrong with this picture.

3:09 AM 

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