Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Thoughts after seven innings Tigers, White Sox Wednesday

- The Tigers need to consider sitting Nick Castellanos so he can pull himself together. He is really struggling and a break would help.
- His career numbers suggest Al Alburquerque is a serviceable reliever, but he really isn't. He simply can't be trusted in any type of situation with a lead or to hold runners. He is having a very disappointing season and if he isn't careful could pitch himself off the staff.
- Too bad Alex Wilson worked last night. The Tigers could use him tonight.
- Rajai Davis continues to amaze. Loved his triple in the opening inning. That and Victor Martinez's home run off Chris Sale have provided good entertainment in an otherwise dull game.
- So much for speeding up the game. This game has dragged along incredibly slowly.
- Jim Reynolds is the worst home plate umpire I have ever seen. And I'm not exaggerating. Yes, even worse than Joe West or Angel Hernandez.


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