Thursday, September 25, 2014

Thoughts after seven innings Twins, Tigers Thursday

- I know a lot of fans have been clamoring to see more of Joakim Soria, but his fastball simply isn't as crisp as it was before he went on the disabled list. Frankly, he should be throwing harder. Having said that, the results were good in the seventh inning of a one-run game in the midst of a tight division race. But if he isn't throwing harder, rest assured they won't be during the postseason.
- The Tigers had Anibal Sanchez warming up in the bullpen the last two games. One of the incentives of clinching the division title early is being able to use him before the start of the postseason without a pressure situation. One of the downsides of a player returning from injury in September is there are no minor leagues to use for rehabilitation assignments. Soria would have benefitted from one, too.
- It's weird how the Twins are one of the few teams that doesn't employ a big shift on Alex Avila, and that he slapped a base hit to left field to lead off the seventh, eventually scoring on a double by Rajai Davis. It was a big add-on run for the Tigers, who don't need to put too much pressure on their bullpen.

My column. Chris Sale is a joke and the Tigers enjoyed the punch line:


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