Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Thoughts after 7 1-2 innings Tigers, Rays Tuesday

- There is obvious dissatisfaction with closer Tigers' closer Joe Nathan, but Joba Chamberlain has been at least as big an issue lately. We'll see what he has tonight. Big inning upcoming.
- For all the angst about the Tigers' off-season moves, it's difficult to argue J.D, Martinez wasn't a find. On a team lacking power, he has provided it. He's been OK defensively. So he wasn't able to keep up his incredible pace from the start of the year. So what? The Tigers would be in a lot worse shape with him, that's for sure. Huge home run tonight.
- I thought that was gutsy outing by Max Scherzer tonight.
- When was the last time Ian Kinsler had a big hit for the Tigers? It's difficult to remember. They have been few and far between lately.


Blogger Barry said...

Wow, Martinez was a huge find and he is at minimum wage for a while. Where were the MLB scouts when Martinz hit the waiver wire. Not like Tigers were first in line. I am still a little sore from DD not pushing the signing button on Chapman. Like a lefties that throw 100 m.p.h is unheard of.

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