Monday, March 03, 2014

Isiah Thomas, the Detroit Pistons and a really sad tale

The very thought owner Tom Gores would consider bringing back Isiah Thomas to run the Pistons' basketball-related operations is laughable.
Isiah Thomas: Great player, but...
If Gores were to even consider the idea, it would the biggest tell-tale sign yet he has no clue as the Pistons' owner.
It's not surprising a spokesperson for him has vehemently denied a New York Daily News report suggesting it.
Thomas' has been a disaster for pretty much every basketball-related product he has touched since his playing career ended. He also left town in a regrettable manner, but of his own doing.
And it's sad.
Thomas was a true icon of the NBA as a player during its salad days. He was right up there with Magic and Bird and Jordan and Dr. J as a player, yet while their legends as players have grown with time, Isiah's has diminished.
While Thomas certainly has not done anything to merit being given the keys to the Pistons' basketball-related operations, or to be brought back for any other reason than to celebrate the Pistons' championships, it's a shame he doesn't get his due as a player historically.
The Pistons did win two NBA titles in the greatest of era of the league. Without Thomas, there is no way that happens. He was brilliant, and the hope is this town never, ever forgets how brilliant - despite his career after retiring as a player.
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