Friday, February 28, 2014

Why Friday night lights make sense for the Big Ten

I've always heard they should not play college football games on Friday night because it hurts high school football attendance.
And I've always thought this premise is ridiculous.
For one thing, it's not going to keep the crowds down at high school games. They are going to be big at certain high schools and lower at others, anyway. Most of the high school attendance, at least in this state, is based on direct interest in the participants - students, parents, family. It's not like attendance would be hurt because the Rutgers-Michigan game is on that night.
Michigan State has played on off nights, and its gone well in the non-conference portion of the schedule (vs. Western Michigan this year).
One game a week: It could actually become a special feature for the conference.
And it would unclog the schedule on Saturday's now that there are 14 teams with Maryland and Rutgers joining the Big Ten next season.


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