Thursday, February 20, 2014

Defense, pitching and how it could work together to make the Tigers much better

The Tigers have won the AL Central each of the last three years. They have been to the postseason four times in eight years and reached the World Series twice. However, pretty much that entire span, they have had a glaring weakness. It has been defensively, particularly on the infield.
Jose Iglesias: A reason Tigers could be improved
I see the Tigers much improved in that area this season. Jose Iglesias is a tremendous fielder and a dramatic improvement at shortstop over the range-challenged Jhonny Peralta. Ian Kinsler had much better defensive metrics at second base than Omar Infante in '13. Miguel Cabrera wasn't a total disaster at third base, but he wasn't very good, either. Actually, he ranked near the very bottom in the AL in range. But Cabrera is a much better first baseman defensively than Prince Fielder, who, at times, was utterly dreadful with the glove.
I like the power arms up and down the Tigers' pitching staff, and definitely what they bring to the table with their starting rotation. Better defense should equal better pitching, even if the Tigers sacrificed power in the process of improving their glove work.
My thoughts on Friday's semifinal matchup between the U.S. and Canada in Olympic hockey:


Blogger Barry said...

I agree Pat, Tigers are built now with speed, defense and great pitching allow them to be more competitive in the close games. When it comes to tight games in the post season and the bats usually go silent this spell success.

2:45 PM 
Anonymous woody said...

though the weaknesses in their game are apparent, Peralta and Delmon Young sure hit when the chips were down in the postseason. can their more athletic replacements be offensive threats in the playoffs? they'll be fun to watch in the field and on the bases during the regular season, but if they go Oyler in October, Tigers will struggle again.

12:20 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Re: Canada/ U.S. Olympic Hocket Match. Think you forgot the experience and desire factors in your one-sided analysis. Perhaps next time.
A Canadian

7:51 AM 
Anonymous CdnMike said...

I listened to your commentary this week, shocked by your contempt for Canada, and after two horrible results by the US men and the collapse of the women's team, I'll sleep well tonight.

8:51 PM 

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