Monday, July 01, 2013

Reality sets in Detroit Tigers aren't as good as advertised

My column:
Jim Leyland, Tigers: Trying to figure it out


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not as good as advertised? Well gee Book, guess who the drum major was when the season started? That would be you. At least you're starting to get a little bit more objective these days. Ever notice the older people get, the less fascination they have with koolaid?

2:35 AM 
Blogger Fred Brill said...


Oddly enough this team does look like a World Series team, because this is exactly how they looked in the 2012 World Series against San Fran.

No offense - like sleeping giants thinking they don't have to wake yet because they feel they can stomp on the tiny invaders at will, and they just don't have any will right now.

They're sleeping in this year.

It's almost a bother for them to have to trod out onto the field to defend each inning.

The Miggy and Prince show. Only Scherzer on the mound seems to spark any offense.

It's such a puzzle. And seemingly such a waste.

The All Star break is just around the corner and meat of this team has their bags already packed.

But one sweep against a weaker opponent - perhaps it will be Toronto in their own dome on Canada Day today. A cool and wet July 1st.

Maybe not. Cool wet days are just right for sleeping in when you're a team of giants.

10:30 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is baffling ... most don't know that the Tigers, a good hitting team, are ranked 29th in scoring from the 7th inning in.

Leyland has two biases that I believe hurt the team. He leaves pitchers in too long. I think his bias is that he wants one more out to save the relievers. Then it's bang, bye bye.

Secondly he seems to put several botom players in a game at once, thinking "if we win this one, we're golden, we have rested the team and won".

Both of these biases are related to rest.

He's a darn good manager but hasn't adopted sabermetrics.

But he can't hit for the players. Again this late game lack of hitting just doesn't make stat sense.

10:57 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Geeze it again. Ready to point out the obvious and ready to jump on that negativity bandwagon. Hmmm....the Tigers have won 4 in a row. Pitching has settled down and that lineup is hitting again. How about taking some of that dormant brain power and try to figure that one out. In a state that's in the dumps and needs something to feel good about for living here,I don't believe we need gloom and doom.

I bet if you were watching the Mayflower embark, you'd probably be shouting....don't go!'ll probably die!

10:28 AM 

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