Thursday, January 24, 2013

Criticism of Tigers' Dombrowski, Leyland has proven to be misguided

My column:
Jim Leyland: There has been a lot more good than bad


Anonymous woody said...

to me, this team of Leyland-Dombrowski has an attribute which sometimes puts them at competitive disadvantage...they seem to have an excessive loyalty to certain prior top performers during the decline phase of their careers. they've given generous playing time and pay to these type of players, with generally disappointing returns.

this attribute makes the team a 'player-friendly' organization and perhaps is completely consistent the owner's values, but it has also resulted in some regrettable player personnel decisions.

11:24 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I 100% agree with Woody. A GM, manager or stat guy with a team can easily access an age downward trend and by the way, the overpaying of players on the downward trends.

Good example is Magglio.

A GM and others HAVE to look at the stats both offensively and somewhat defensively.

The stats don't lie unless there is an injury complicating.

It is not that complicated. Our old friend Earl Weaver knew this yrs ago. And Davey Johnson has utilized it successfully for years and will become a consultant next year.

12:16 PM 

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