Sunday, August 05, 2012

Thoughts on the Detroit Tigers stunning victory over Cleveland Indians Sunday

With Josh Hamilton slumping, more and more you are hearing Miguel Cabrera's name as the likely AL MVP. This was his loudest statement yet. He has always been an amazing hitter, but early in his stint with the Tigers, he was not all that dependable in the clutch. That is no longer the case. There isn't a better hitter in baseball, especially with a game on the line..
- While Cabrera may be the MVP of the AL, in a way Austin Jackson is the MVP of the team. He doesn't get that hit, the Tigers don't win. The Tigers weren't a very team with Jackson out of the disabled list. They have been very formidable with him back, especially at Comerica Park.
- Anybody complaining about the Omar Infante trade now? He should be hitting second because he is a tremendous fastball hitter. And in the second spot, that's all he'd be seeing with Cabrera hitting behind him.
- The Tigers were eyeballing Jeff Baker at the trade deadline last year. He is a good, solid major league role player and right-handed hitter. He will help them. He is clear upgrade from Ryan Raburn.
- The Tigers are 58-50, actually a game ahead of the pace they set last year after 108 games when they were 57-51.Their 108th game last season was also a dramatic victory on a Sunday afternoon at Comerica Park, the one over Jared Weaver and the Angels. Remember that game, and what an impetus it provided the Tigers remainder of the season?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think that that was the best game I have ever seen and I've been watching MLB for 50 years.

Game tied at 5-5 at the bottom of ninth. Tigers up.

I have never seen a team employ a 5 infielder offense with two outfielders in the bottom of the ninth. It worked perfectly after the two intentional walks to Cabera and Fielder with fast and good bunter substitute batter Berry up as he hit into a double play.

Then Jackson hits a two run hit with two outs after the Indians score 3 runs on the top of the tenth. Then Cabera hits the homer. It is surprising that they didn't again intentionally walk him again. Dumb, bye bye Indians.

6:01 PM 
Blogger Mim said...

I really liked what I saw this afternoon. Guys waiting for their pitch and believing they could win until the end. There's no quit in these Tigers - very encouraging after a slow, frustrating first half.

6:42 PM 
Blogger Fred Brill said...

It was something indeed to watch - and we had tickets to sit down the thirdbase line behind the Tigers dugout - but had to change our plans - deep sigh.

Another in the long line of games we hoped would kickstart a winning streak like the last one.

This is going to be tight all the way down the wire.

1:36 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I saw a game in Cleveland vs. the Yanks when I was a kid. Jim Piersall was playing center field for the Indians. He was a wacko who I believe was in an institution for a bit for mental problems but was a great favorite player, quite eccentric. Anyway he came in right behind second base at the end of the game to essentially play a 5 infield defense. He was suspended but Casey Stengel said that he did exactly the right thing.

So bottom on ninth, Indians down by two runs. Two runners on and Piersall up. He hits a long fly that just curves foul on the left line. Piersall goes absolutely nuts. Next pitch Piersall hits a homer to walk off the win and Piersall slides into home. Another fine.

5:54 PM 

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