Sunday, August 26, 2012

How come the Detroit Tigers just-completed homestand was a very good sign


Blogger section444 said...

The Tigers will need to play better on the road, than they have, so far, if they are to win the AL Central. They have 3 games left with the White Sox at Comerica Park, but play 4 more with them in Chicago. It is encouraging that they getting better play from, Avila, and, Young, and Infante is working out fantastic. I also,think that using Boesch more selectively is a good move by Leyland.


1:56 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Tigers have made a liar out of me, I said that the Tigers had too many "holes" to sustain a 0.600 winning record. Instead they have played the month of August at 0.652.

The Division lead is there for the taking. Of the remaining games, the Tigers play KC, Minny, Cleve 22 games of 35 remaining. Yes, they haven't been beating the bottom-feeders early in the season, but went 8-1 in August vs. Cleve, Minn, Toronto.

Pitching has been good lately. Of course we have 7 remaining games vs. the pale legs. We have to go 4-3.

10:22 AM 
Blogger Fred Brill said...


Yup 5 out of the last six - including two wins on LA is great. It is indeed a good sign - as well as the fight they have been showing.

But the Freakin White Sox won their last 6. The Tigers have a good stretch like that and still lose a game to these guys?

Book, what do you think the bigger change in the White Sox has been - roster changes or manager changes since last year.

The White Sox look like the team the Tigers were last year.

12:15 PM 

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