Thursday, August 23, 2012

Comparing Detroit Tigers outfielders Brennan Boesch and Quintin Berry since the All Star break

The Tigers have a 22-15 record since the All-Star break. They were only two games above .500 to that point. They have gained a little ground on the first-place White Sox. They were 3 1-2 games down at the break, now they are two games behind the American League Central leaders.
The Tigers lineup has been consistent most nights since acquiring Omar Infante near the trade deadline and the return from the disabled list of outfielder Andy Dirks, both of whom have performed well.
The one area of controversy about the lineup is whether fan favorite Quintin Berry should be in more against right-handed starting pitching. Most nights, the choice comes down to Berry or Brennan Boesch for right field. After today's series finale vs. Toronto, the Tigers will face right-handed starters all three games of their set against the Angels at Comerica Park: Zach Greinke, Dan Haren and Ervin Santana.
This is how Boesch and Berry compare statistically since the All-Star break:
Quintin Berry:  91 at bats, .231 batting average, 293 on-base percentage, 1 home run, 9 RBI, 8 runs scored 4 stolen bases, .601 OPS (on-base percentage plus slugging percentage).
Brennan Boesch: 104 at bats, .260 batting average, .313 on base percentage, 3 home runs, 17 RBI, 13 runs scored, 1 stolen base, .746 OPS.


Blogger Marc Bagley said...

Wrong question. Should be Berry vs Young against right-handers. For the season:

Player Avg OBP Slg OPS
Berry .287 .383 .376 .758
Young .253 .293 .354 .647
Boesch .252 .284 .412 .695

Clearly should be Berry and Boesch.

1:05 PM 
Blogger Marc Bagley said...

You ask the wrong question. You should compare Berry vs Young against right-handers. Berry also adds intangibles beyond stats such as speed and defense.

1:08 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You ask the wrong question. Compare Berry vs Young against right-handers. Berry also adds speed and defense.

1:10 PM 
Blogger Al said...

Seems like these guys don't like your question. I don't either, but I also don't like theirs. The question should be is Berry's average defense combined with his below average defensive IQ (constantly throwing to the wrong base putting extra runners in scoring position) good enough to use him as a defensive replacement, or should he be used mainly as a pinch runner?

11:46 PM 

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