Thursday, June 14, 2012

On the increasing value of Detroit Tigers center fielder Austin Jackson

It's not a coincidence in the four games since center fielder Austin Jackson returned to the Tigers' lineup, they have won three times, and, really, should have won all four. Jackson has delivered clutch hits and made a truly great catch Wednesday. For a club that is frustratingly challenged defensively and has a little overall speed, Jackson's value as a multidimensional player cannot be overstated. Not only does he run very well, but he has gradually developed power. His slugging percentage is .125 higher so far in 2012 than his career mark entering the season. The Tigers are 21-19 in games Jackson has played. When he's been out of the lineup they are 8-14. In the 21 games the Tigers have won this season with Jackson in the lineup, his OPS has been 1.049. In many ways, his performance is the biggest gauge whether the Tigers will win on a given day.


Blogger Barry said...

Jackson helps out so many ways. His D and speed is so underrated especially on a team that has so many DHs. They need more players like Jackson, that they provide value in the field and not solely with the bat.

11:33 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You mean the Tigers are only a .500team this year when AJ ax is in the lineup? I like AJax, but, me thinks you are overestimating his value just a tad.

10:57 AM 

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