Wednesday, June 06, 2012

The many reasons to abhor interleague baseball


Blogger Fred Brill said...


This year I think you might consider embracing interleague play - because right now my Brother, our boys stink.

The history of Tiger's InterLeague play suggests this might be the start of remembering how to win again ... maybe.

Right now - I'd even take a maybe.

I lived in Atlanta the second half of the seventies through 1985 - so aside from rooting for the Old English D - I also rooted for the Braves (note the Tomohawk Chop came in 1990 so don't blame me) - but in those days I'd have given my left dangling portion of manhood for an interleague series between the Tigers and Braves - but perhaps - in this era of migrant workers leaving Detroit to find employment in other baseball towns - maybe I'm alone in that thought.

Something has to change!!

So Houston is coming to the AL? I need to read more.

12:31 PM 

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