Sunday, June 03, 2012

Why this pitcher should be trade target No.1 for the Detroit Tigers

Jose Valvarde's struggles as the Tigers closer moved from concern to alarming Friday night as the Tigers labored to a bizarre 4-3 victory over the New York Yankees. It put into question just much Valverde, who has been an effective closer in the past, particularly in 2011, can currently be trusted in the role.
His WHIP (walks and hits per innings pitched) is 1.594. He has blown three of his 12 save opportunities and his command of the baseball is often dreadful.
The Tigers need insurance for Valverde, and overall depth in the bullpen. They also need a versatile pitcher, who could start as well, if needed, and if Valverde can turn it around.
The ideal pitcher would be Brett Myers of the Astros. He has been moved to closer this year, and has 12 saves in 13 oppportunties. His WHIP is 0.873. Myers had been a successful starter throughout his career before this season. He pitched for good teams (the Phillies) in clutch situations. He is 31. He has a vesting option based on relief statistics (the Astros switched them when they made him a closer). If he reaches those incentives, his contract is reportedly for $10 million next season. There is a $3 million buyout.


Blogger Barry said...

Pat, Tigers should be buyers this year no matter if they are 10 games below 500. The reason being there is very little relief pitching in the 2012 free agency market and there is nothing at AAA or AA that could step into closer role. I also have Matt Capp circle and will take Balfour to help later innings. While dealing with the Astros, wonder if Lowrie can play 2B? There is nothing in the free agency market in 2012 and very little in AA and AAA to help out.

7:09 PM 
Blogger Fred Brill said...

Valverde was a roller cooaster closer even last year when his save record was perfect. It would not break my heart to say good by to the king of drama.

I'm finally coming around to the idea that a big player shake-up trade is the answer - I usually would rather stay with the devils I know - ya know.

Bring it on.

12:09 PM 

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