Tuesday, June 19, 2012

How come we will know much more about the Detroit Tigers very soon


Blogger Barry said...

Pat, I hope Cards don't find their pitching until they leave town. Can't complain about their hitting. Glad to see Pirates are playing well because they are a light hitting team.
I think the Tigers are headed in the right direction, even though their record says something else. The Tigers are close to my dream team which is to have two speedsters in the outfielders with OBP around 325 or better, four sluggers and rest of the position hold their own. Keep improving the starting pitching and have a great bullpen. Tigers now have two speedsters in Jackson and Berry, they have 3 sluggers in Fielder, Cabrera and V-mart. If AA and Peralta can each be a half a slugger than they are the 4 sluggers. We are also blessed with a good defensive catchers in AA and in the system. We have a few good starters but we could add a Greinke, Garza and Marcum this off season. Make a trade with our spare pitcher and outfielder and prospect to get a 2B or Reliever. Then I can't complain.

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