Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Want to know what Sparky Anderson was really like? Read this book


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What's the big deal about Sparky Anderson? With the Big Red Machine back in the 70s, all he had to do was put a different pitcher on the mound every day and turn all the other future hall of famers loose. When their skills faded, they started losing, and Sparky got fired. Then he fell into another rose garden with the Tigers. Les Moss got kicked to the curb and Sparky inherited a young team chock full of talent. Sparky said if he couldn't win a World Series in 5 years, he would quit. He didn't. It took him 6. And even then, with all that talent that had matured, he could only win one. Then he got fired again. So tell me Pat, besides having tumbled into a couple paradises of talent, smoking a pipe, and offering up Yogi Berra type quotes once in a while, just what was so special about him anyway?

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