Sunday, February 12, 2012

Not just the Norris, Nicklas Lidstrom should be up for the Hart Trophy this season

The Red Wings won their 20th straight home game Sunday, tying the NHL record. They had two plus players, one was Nicklas Lidstrom, who assisted on Johan Franzen's game-winning goal in the third period against the Flyers. He also keys the power play, which got untracked with two goals, which set everything rolling. Lidstrom played nearly 25 minutes of an intense, tight game. He was utterly brilliant. He is remains easily the best defenseman in the NHL - and the best player. The Red Wings wouldn't be anywhere near what they are without him.
With all this talk earlier about Jimmy Howard as a Hart Trophy candidate, and Pavel Datsyuk, too, what about Lidstrom? He is playing better this season than last. And it should be acknowledged.
Name a better player in the league. Defense. Forward. Goalie. With all due respect to Howard and Datsyuk and others, I can't think of one. Doesn't matter if he is 40 something. He is defying time, and it is amazing.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lidstrom for MVP? You need to go cold turkey on the Koolaid. There's homer, and then there's getting delirious on the stuff. Lidstrom's not in the top ten best players in the NHL right now.

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