Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Fielder high-risk, high-reward for Tigers


Anonymous Anonymous said...

In this case, I loovvvve to say, I TOLD YOU SO! It was obvious that Illitch was not going to stand pat (no pun intended). The man is rich, 82 and wants a WS ring. He was not going to fool around with Damon, Peno, Guerroro, etc. It amazes me that the area sports writers missed this thought process. He doesnt care about the money, his history has proven this. The Granderson trade is the sole time he cut payroll other than that Illitch has always been an aggressive, over-the-top owner.

9:48 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I hope that Jim Leyland will have a serious talk with Prince and Miguel, at the opening of spring training, and lay down the law and tell Fielder, that he will have to share 1st base, and DH with Cabrera for the good of the team, and that Cabrera will be moved around, splitting his playing time at 1st, 3rd, and DH If Fielder insists on being the only first baseman I see the road to hell paved being with the best of intentions. Cabrera proved in 2008, that he can't handle 3rd base. It would be unproductive to Miguel to be a full time DH, which
would force weak fielding Delmon Young to play left.



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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good observation, Pat. My exact reaction when I heard this. Mantle and Maris? I think this trade has more than it looks like.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Lions and Tigers are both great offensive teams, with weakness on the defensive side. Leyland should make Fielder share 1b duties, with Miggy. Problem solved Tommie

12:14 PM 
Blogger Barry said...

Pat, this move put them back in the running to the WS. You have to pick your poison, do you want a poor fielding 3B or poor fielding LF? One thing I hate to see is Miggy playing 3B in WS and he never played there all year. I voting to put Miggy at 3B, along it does not effect hit hitting with Inge as the back-up. I like Porcello and I think he is a better pitcher then his stats have shown but we should trade him for strikeout pitcher.

12:32 PM 
Blogger Fred Brill said...

This is the biggest thing I can remember since Pudge came in 2004.

But Book, I agree wholeheartedly that this could go south, as sweet as it sounds - too much sweet causes cavities ya know.

Not only making sure Miggy and Princy (nah ... doesn't work) get along - but Fielder carries a little baggage - issues with Poppa Fielder ... should fans go south on him it could get ugly. We might see a situation in next couple of years where one of them has to go.

As for recalling the ghosts of Miggy at third in 2008 - Miggy is a different player now - he wasn't the best at first either in 2008 - but he's pretty damn solid there now. This Miggy can work hard and be solid at 3rd to I believe - maybe no Inge [stifled laugh] but then who is [choked on laugh]!

This could be great - but it could also go 0-7 south too.

Baseball is berry berry goot.

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