Thursday, January 19, 2012

The best choice to replace Victor Martinez as the Tigers' No. already on the team

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Blogger Barry said...

Pat, I would put some pressure on JP because I think can handle 3rd spot or 5th hole. Put DY in the 5th spot. I would leave Avila 6 or 7 spot because he has important duty as a catcher. I like to see the Tigers trade for 2B that hits left handed with a little bit of pop. If none available I would go after Casey Kotchman and platoon with Raburn and Young at the DH. Tigers need a left handed bat because the Rangers and Yanks have a solid right hand starters which hurts Detroit. I would also sign Wheeler to finish off bullpen.

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Blogger Rumps50 said...

Pat...I agree with you 100% that the Tigers need a patient hitter in the DH spot. I'm not certain that is Avila though, he had a nice season but it was only his first consistent season. I think the Tigers would be wise to look at the free agent market for a hitter that has been around is considered a steady player at the plate, who's available...not sure or what it would cost. As always I'm fan of your baseball insight and enjoy your blogs and radio show


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