Friday, September 23, 2011

A brief thought on Denny McLain

There are two things I always think about Denny McLain.
One, is when he walks in, he lights up a room. He makes everybody feel like he is their best friend. It's why he was a good personality on radio and TV. He was also an incredibly gifted pitcher, who talent-wise could have been Hall of Famer.
And two, he always seems to get in trouble. Even now - after he's been to incarcerated multiple times. Isn't there a point where it stops? My gosh, he's 67 years old.



Blogger Core Contrarian said...

He rang up a slurpee for me once. Nothing against a 7-11 clerk because I respect all working people but I think that can be considered one symptom of his problems.

12:41 AM 

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