Sunday, September 18, 2011

Why the Tigers would be better off facing the Red Sox than the Rays in the postseason

The Boston Red Sox drilled the Tigers during the regular season. Conversely, one of their most important - and successful - series was when the Tigers went to Tampa Bay and won three of four from the Rays.
But I think the Tigers would be better served by playing the Red Sox rather than the Rays in the American League Division Series. I also believe it would be a more interesting series.
The Red Sox have a better team than Tampa Bay or the Tigers, but they have been floundering lately. I don't see their starting pitching being that ominous and their bullpen is vulnerable. The Rays have the best starting pitching overall of the three teams.
Also, Tampa Bay has hit Justin Verlander this season. The Red Sox have struggled against him.
And call this personal, but honestly, where you rather see the Tigers playing in the postseason - at Fenway Park or that awful dome in St. Petersberg?



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pat, Since you posed the question that way---FENWAY!! I agree that the Rays have the deepest rotation. Personally, I would consider starting Porcello over Scherzer. He pitched well in the tie-breaker with Minnesota. Max has been gopher ball prone lately., Dave

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