Monday, May 02, 2011

Is Magglio Ordonez finished as a quality player?

There is growing sentiment Tigers' outfielder Magglio Ordonez is done, and that the Tigers wasted $10 million by re-signing him.
There is justification for this notion. Ordonez is 37 and hasn't hit a lick this season.
But done? I'm not so sure.
He was "done" after he had a major knee injury with the White Sox. He was "done" after he signed with the Tigers and had a stomach injury which kept him out most of his first season in Detroit.
He bounced back for a very good season, and to hit one of the epic home runs in Tigers' history the following season. Then he put together one of the best years ever by a Detroit player in 2007.
In the first half of 2009, Ordonez literally could not pull a fastball to the left side of the field. And had no power. But then, from July 2009 to July 2010, he had the best batting average in baseball. He was on pace for roughly 20 home runs and 100 RBI when he was injured last season.
Ordonez is a lifetime .310 hitter. His average 162-game season is 26 home runs and 110 RBI.
Maybe age has caught up to him. It does look like it so far this season. We saw it when Gary Sheffield was with the Tigers.
Then again, maybe water will find its level for Ordonez - again.
Certainly the Tigers must continue to play him, especially given their limited options.



Blogger Fred Brill said...


In truth I think the Ordonez knee injury is still the main factor in his extremely weak hitting this season. It looks like he can't step through the ball like he used to - it's all arms or else his timings buggered up.

But the fact of the matter is he is getting $10M this season to recover from an injury that takes two seasons to heal.

Could he be almost that great again - after he fully heals? I would say the chances are good that he would be.

But we would have to re-sign him again to find out - and those chances aren't so good.

Bad luck.

12:18 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Magglio is a good guy and has had a solid career, however I am not as big a fan as you. I am more of a realist. Yes, if he continues to play I think he will get stronger and better as the season rolls on. The question is: Can the Tigers afford to wait until July before he starts hitting? Big risk there. Again, I would not have resigned him. As much as he has produced look at the salaries he has commanded. By your own account, Magglio has had 3 off years while on the Tigers payroll. Granderson had one bad yr and was dumped immediately.
Next is the failure of the organization to develop major league hitters. If they trade for an infielder as has been speculated by some reporters, I hope they do not trade any high grade potential hitters in their syste. They got lucky trading away Maybin (so far). The team can afford to trade some pitching, they have depth there but not hitters.


4:16 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You guys are all pulling straws ... Ordonez just doesn't look like he is mentally and physically fit.

He's riding out the dawn of his career and drawing a nice piece of change.

Hey, how bout those Indians?

Here is an example in sports how a team can overachieve, unlike the Tigers who look like they're waiting for things to happen.

I think Leyland is a top manager but I have questioned whether he can motivate a team out of lethargy.

Look at his 2nd half season record and his ability to pull full potential at prime time.

8:38 PM 

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