Monday, April 25, 2011

Personally, I'd love to see the Red Wings-Blackhawks in the second round

The best-case scenario for the Red Wings, in terms of advancing past the second round of the Stanley Cup playoffs, would be if Vancouver beats Chicago in Game 7, and/or San Jose outlasts Los Angeles.
The Red Wings would, in my opinion, be much better served in the Western Conference semifinals playing San Jose or Nashville rather than the Blackhawks.
But it could be Chicago. If the Canucks and Sharks both falter, the Red Wings would be the top seed, the Blackhawks the low seed. Nashville and LA would meet in the other semifinal.
If the Blackhawks roar back, at one stage down three games to none in the series, to defeat the Canucks in Game 7, they will be very difficult to knock out in the Western Conference semifinals. Doesn't matter about the home ice advantage.
The Blackhawks have the confidence of winning the Stanley Cup championship last year. If they complete this improbable comeback, it wouldn't be the first time. Remember what they did to the Predators in the opening round last year? While free agency hurt the Blackhawks, they remain a highly-skilled team with more than their share of world-class players (Jonathan Toews, Patrick Kane, Duncan Keith, Marian Hossa).
But the Red Wings' best matchup aside, what hockey nut doesn't want to see the Red Wings and Blackhawks in the second round? The storyline would be outstanding. The Blackhawks won the Cup last year, but it should noted they didn't beat the Red Wings on the journey. The "Detroit sucks" chants at the Charlie Sheen show in Chicago recently was only the latest of Chicago's increasing bashing of Detroit. The Red Wings went into Chicago with little on the line and knocked off the Blackhawks to close the regular season - a loss that should have cost the Blackhawks their spot in the postseason. Also, the road games would be played at a reasonable hour in Michigan. A joy for all of us who enjoy sleep.
In regard to a second-round matchup, how could it get any better than Red Wings-Blackhawks?


Anonymous Macomb Carpet Cleaning said...

that could be a great match up ...

11:01 AM 
Anonymous Garret Craig said...

Jimmy Howard in 11 regular season games vs. CHI, NSH, and SJS: 3-8-0, 3.64 GAA, 890 SV%. Do those numbers concern you at all?

12:02 PM 
Anonymous Design said...

The Blackhawks are a much better team than the regular season showed us. The team is for the most part, healthy, and the addition of Frolick and Campoli at the deadline filled a couple of holes. Keith, Seabrook, and Hossa all had less than average seasons, but have found their game in the Cup playoffs. They might not be last years team, but it is a very good team non the less, as Vancouver is finding out.

11:51 PM 

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