Thursday, March 17, 2011

Why are the Walmart Wolverines so defensive about The Fab Five?

I thought the Fab 5 documentary on ESPN was an embellishment in many ways and obviously self-serving for Jalen Rose.
But it did draw a great television rating and created much buzz. Rose put himself out there with this, and has taken criticism and benefited from it, too. He seems like a bright guy, who knew what he was getting into - both the good and bad.
What I find odd is how many Michigan fans - not the ones that attended the school, but the Walmart Wolverines (not all Michigan fans who didn't go to UM fall into this category, obviously. Many are level-headed) - are so taken aback by criticism of the Fab 5 .
It's different for the alums and facility there. Michigan has a tremendous academic reputation that is justified, but the Fab 5 made the university look like UNLV East.
It is exceptionally difficult to get into Michigan, and it takes, both in regard to academic work and payment financially, enormous sacrifice to get a degree from there.
The Fab 5 was ultimately a scarlet letter on the university, which doesn't, from I can tell, project itself as the fifth professional sports franchise in the Detroit area, and does have considerable academic integrity.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pat, you are so off-base on this argument. You've completely glossed over the racists letters the Fab Five received from those U of M alumni. You've also blasted Rose and King for their open and honest comments of how they felt when they were teenagers in regards to Grant Hill. For disclosure, I'm not a Wolverine at all, Walmart or otherwise.

1:37 PM 
Blogger Steve said...

So what do you call a Michigan State grad is is not "level-headed"?

Because you have proven, over a loooong period of time, to be just that.

As a "level-headed" Michigan State grad myself, I'm embarrassed by you.

9:20 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

as an msu fan, its hard to say but i loved the fab five. just b/c chris webber took money doesnt mean u need to label the whole fab five as a scarlet letter. they had swagger, and thats what sells to recruits, and its funny a to see a middle aged white man criticizing them over out of context and misunderstood things from the documentary.

its blogs like these that give our fan base the "little brother" label. Tractor traylor, maurice taylor, louis bullock, and multiple poor head coaching hires destroyed the uofm bball program, not the fab five.

there will never be another team like the fab five in the history of college bball, and just b/c they never won a championships doesnt mean they werent a great team, b/c they were, and here we are 20 yrs later talking about them. Stop being a blind spartan slappy and man up give credit where credit is due pat, sheesh.

10:33 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

My post wasn't about Rose or King's comments, but more about many Walwart Wolverines defending the Fab 5 when they did so much damage to the school. All you're doing is making my point for me.

11:27 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

Why? Because I have a different opinion than you? Says a lot more about you than me.

11:28 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

You all your creditably by stereo-typing. People have a right to their opinion - regardless of color, creed, sex, age, etc. Myself included.

11:35 PM 
Blogger Steve said...

"Why? Because I have a different opinion than you? Says a lot more about you than me."

You don't even know what my opinion is, and you feel you are qualified to make that statement?

To answer you: Not even close. You are an embarrassment because of your incessant need to somehow always obsess about the school, and its teams/fans, down in Ann Arbor.

My point is this... You, a grad of MSU, are far worse than any type of Wolverine fan, WalMart or not.

4:10 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If I'm a Wolverine fan and I don't fit your criteria of "level-headed", then I'm a "WalMart Wolverine?"

As you told the gentleman above, "Why? Because I have a different opinion than you? Says a lot more about you than me."

You, without question, have proven yourself, time and time again, to be a hypocrite.

9:36 AM 

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