Monday, January 31, 2011

Tigers getting a little more respect, but not much

It's interesting to see how the overall media perceives the Tigers. The preseason magazines are out, and the Tigers are getting a little more respect than in the recent past - but not that much more.
The Sporting News and Lindy's have the Tigers finishing second in the American League Central, but not getting a wild card berth. Both have the Yankees getting it.
Athlon's magazine has the Tigers placing third in the A.L. Central - with Minnesota first and the White Sox second.
All three publications say there will be a Boston-Philadelphia World Series. Two say the Red Sox will win that series.
I do think the Red Sox are the best club in the American League by far, but after that the Tigers have as much as any other team. They'll have to answer the "ifs" in the starting pitching rotation. You know, "if Max Scherzer pitches like he did in the second half of last year...If Rick Porcello pitches like he did in '09...If Phil Coke can adjust to the bullpen...If Brad Penny is healthy..."


Blogger Fred Brill said...


3 years ago, those same publications picked the Tigers to put a big old can of whoopass on the AL after the Cabrera / Willis deal - you remember how that season turned out.

These publications are almost as reliable as the farmers almanac - so I wouldn't let the lack of love toast your buns - remember - this is the franchise who in recdent history has been known only to fold after the all star break - what proof has been seen this year will be different?

12:35 PM 
Blogger Barry said...

Pat, our pitching doesn't bother me except maybe Coke. Porcello will probably be in between 09 and 010 season. What bother me is how many DHs we have playing the field. Comerica is a big ball park. We already have slow foot in RF, ouch at 2b if he is ready, Big Boy at 1B and Vmart at catcher. Actually Cabrera is not that bad at 1B except when he take a easy groundball from 2B and muffs it up.

1:56 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Last year they stacked up as a .500 club, with a chance to get to 90 wins if everything broke right, which it didn't.

This year they're a little bit better talent-wise, and their holdovers have another year's experience. Jackson can improve, Avila may even improve, Porcello can improve. Maybe Bosch can even settle in a bit. So they can potentially help themselves from within.

Last season, Dombrowski made a clear stinker decision from the gitgo in going with Everett as the starting SS. Even starting a rookie Sizemore at 2B, they at least had a decent plan B in mind with Guillen. I see none of those obvious stinker moves now. They appear set everywhere, albeit with some limitations.

Looks like the pitching is the question. They'll miss Coke in the bullpen. They need some lefthanded pitching help.

11:11 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

same as last year, this club can really only go as far as ordonez and guillen's bat - even with martinez in lineup you need those other two - what this team really misses is polanco's bat.

11:18 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

No article since 1/31 !!! Clint Eastwood would say are you going to write or whistle Dixie.

11:59 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

much depends on whether young players can make necessary adjustments...porcello, boesch, coke, avila, zumaya. hopefully raburn and scherzer can develop a consistency to build on successes from end of last season. though scherzer's numbers from last year look good, believe team only won 13 of his 31 starts...perhaps bad luck with not enough offense or bullpen support, but clearly not the results expected when your #2 starter takes his turn.

3:15 PM 

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