Monday, January 17, 2011

On Rip, Shoelaces and Mags...

This is how I view Richard Hamilton's situation with the Pistons: If he is not traded within the next week or so, shame on the Pistons for sitting him out. There is no way he is not good enough to play on that team, and he deserves better treatment considering his place in franchise history. If they are sitting him out because they don't want to ruin the possibility of a trade, fine. I understand it more. A little bit.
Seems to me like Hamilton has become the scapegoat for all that is ailing the Pistons. To me, the bigger issue is lack of development by Rodney Stuckey, and spotty play from big-money free agents Ben Gordon and Charlie Villanueva. And Joe Dumars' questionable decision to give Hamilton a contract extension in the first place.

Random Thoughts

- Most interesting aspect of spring practice at Michigan will be whether Devin Gardner pushes Denard Robinson for the starting quarterback spot. Or whether he will be allowed to do so.

- Three players returning will from injury-plagued seasons will play a dramatic role on the American League Central this season: Magglio Ordonez, Justin Morneau and Grady Sizemore. The Indians are interesting. A lot of young talent there.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah Pat The Indians are interesting...JK

7:49 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

Hey, my friend Matt Dery thinks so.

1:20 PM 

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