Monday, February 08, 2010

Is Dan LeFevour The Next Drew Brees?

While watching the Senior Bowl practices on NFL Network, I kept having this thought that Central Michigan quarterback Dan LeFevour might be the next Drew Brees.
Granted, they have a different skill set. Brees is underrated as an athlete, but doesn't run like LeFevour, who has excellent speed. And it obviously would be a stretch when it comes to throwing accuracy at this stage to compare LeFevour to Brees, who is perhaps the most accurate passer of all time.
But it does appear like LeFevour adapts well to circumstances and surroundings. The team that drafts him could be getting a great player.
Remember, Brees wasn't a first-round draft choice.

Random Thoughts

- Man, Joey Harrington was just one season away from getting his Super Bowl ring with the Saints.

- In the "give credit to where credit is due" category, former Michigan running back Mike Hart getting two carries in the Super Bowl for the Colts was an accomplishment. It's not easy coming off the practice squad to reach the regular roster. Especially when a player is a college star, such as Hart, it requires persistence. That he was trusted enough to carry the ball in such a big game could bode well for Hart's future.

- There is little question Dick LeBeau's career as a player was looked back on more closely because of his steller career as one of the best defensive coordinators of all time. Alex Karras was a much better player than LeBeau, and clearly belongs in the Hall of Fame. Wayne Walker had a similar career to LeBeau. Like LeBeau, he was a very solid player for a long period, but not necessarily a great one. Karras was a dominant player - a three-time first-team All Pro. If Paul Hornung got into the Hall after the 1963 gambling scandal, why not Karras?

My column in Monday's Oakland Press on the Super Bowl:



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