Wednesday, August 26, 2009

No Excuse Left For Not Getting Into Pennant Race

Winning a road series, especially in Anaheim against such a good club, was obviously huge for the Tigers.
They were, to say the least, due. I never would have figured it would play out this way. More of the unpredictability of baseball. Guess that’s part of the beauty of the game. And it is truly a beautiful game.
But remember, the Twins for some reason nobody can explain given their mostly dreadful pitching staff, have started winning - even on the road. The bigger separation the Tigers can make from that team, the better. The White Sox, apparently, are going to rush Jake Peavy into the rotation. Not sure he’ll be their savior.
And the first two games of the Tigers’ series in Anaheim were compelling and dramatic. Seems like it is more than about time people get excited about the pennant race. It’s definitely on.

Random Thoughts

- I understand why the Lions haven’t signed a kicker to fill in for the injured Jason Hanson and his injured backup, Swayze Waters. There will be a lot of kickers cut loose later in the preseason, and the Lions will have their pick of them if necessary. But come on, isn’t having a backup wide receiver, Dane Looker, as their kicker Saturday against Indianapolis display what a sham preseason football can be? Two weeks ago, the guy was building a deck at his house. How, in good conscious, can they charge full price for that?

- Yeah, I do think ultimately, freshman Denard Robinson will win the quarterback position at Michigan. Might be sooner instead of later. His skill set is perfect for that offense. His track speed (Florida’s 100 meter state champ) does translate to football speed. He is an adequate passer. A very dangerous QB, who will give opposing defensive coordinators nightmares.

My column in Wednesday on the opening of the high school football season:



Anonymous Michael C said...

I'm not usually a Leyland basher, but what the hell happened in the 9th inning today? Did he fall asleep?!

You're down by 2 runs, Rayburn is fortunately hit by a pitch on a 0-2 count with one out. He leaves Inge in to bat. Ok ... despite his struggles he's hit some big HRs this year. Fine. Then Laird comes up. No pinch hitter?! Then Laird is hit and is hurting and is on first as the tying run. No pinch runner?! He's taking this cannot use our 2nd catcher thing WAY too far. We're down by 2 runs, if we go to extras and Avila gets hurt (what are the chances anyway?) then he can worry about that and Inge's knees then.

Finally, and most egregiously, he lets Everett hit with 2 guys on down by two with 2 outs. Seriously?! We still had Santiago on the bench so there's no excuse for that at all.

Its like Leyland decided that since we won the first two the 3rd didn't matter that much. I can't imagine him not making these moves in a playoff game. Why play this one like it matters less? So frustrating ...

6:52 PM 
Blogger Fred Brill said...

This is a fantastic ride Tiger fans are on - once they get on.

Six days ago you posted six questions - and I in my ineptitude had fun writing six answers.

In the answer to one question - I stated the Tigers would be coming home from this series no longer in the lead, but instead a game and a half back.

I was wrong as the Tigers are six games better off than I thought they'd be today.

As each game goes by, I notice here on your blog, on the radio, and around my circle of friends that the Tiger fan base seem to be overlooking what's good - and the bad continues to be dwelled upon.

Inge's knees and weak hittin, Adam Evertt, Washburn is washed up, crazy Jim Leyland comments, and Ordenez's contract

All are valid critiques. This is not the best baseball team in the world.

But they are our team. I know - I'm a homer.

The bigger picture is so much more enjoyable than the day by day happenings. Theses distractions detract from my favourite distraction - Tigers baseball.

Each day this gets more exciting. The chances of the Tigers making the post season increase - but still ... there is that road trip in mid-September.

Emotional investment - a term I had never heard until early 2006 - from you actually Pat - is an expensive investment. And our communuities have had a lot of dissapointment over the last two years with the failings of the big three - the problems with Detroit governance - and the same and similar failings here in Windsor. Detroit is the elephant the mouse named Windsor sleeps next to.

So we are all a little more guarded now with the prospect of getting our hopes up. This division is certainly not a lock yet for the Tigers.

And I think most people are looking to invest their emotions in something that's guarenteed.

I for one have pushed all my emotional chips forward - declared all in to the dealer - and now will sit behind my sunglasses with my best poker face - and watch if the Tigers, Twins, or ChiSox take this seasons Division.

You don't get this every year.Some teams never get this. Cherish it while you got it - because November and the off season is gonna come - whether you all climb on board or not.

This Tigers team - thought in 2008 to be a World Series lock before the season started - loaded so heavily with under-achieving superstars - is so much more an unexpected surprise in 2009 than they were in 2006.

8:01 AM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

Michael C,
I agree. Don't know if that was Leyland's best inning. At that point, you do everything you can to get into extras - then take you chances.

1:26 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

Fred Brill,
Maybe it's just because we love baseball so much, but it doesn't seem like the Tigers have captured this town all that much. Honestly, I'm not sure why. Their games have been interesting and exciting. They are 4 1-2 games up. It is almost September.

1:28 PM 

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