Monday, August 24, 2009

Here Come The Twins - Again

The Twins are sneaking up on the Tigers again.
They may be a below .500 club, and their team-ERA has soared to 4.78, but the Twins have won five of their last six road games, including three straight in Kansas City over the weekend.
Like the Tigers, they had been struggling on the road. Unlike the Tigers, they have actually won some road games lately. The Twins are only 4 1-2 games behind the Tigers. It’s a little too close for comfort, especially given what has transpired between the two organizations in the past. Remember 1987 and 2006?
The Twins are the ultimate party crashers. Count me among those who left them by the side of the road for dead a couple weeks ago. Their pitching does stink. The Twins team ERA is 4.78 - and soaring. But getting Orlando Cabrera has tightened the Twins up defensively and added another solid bat to what was already a pretty good lineup - especially in the middle with Joe Mauer and Justin Morneau.
The White Sox schedule is difficult. At Boston and New York this week. A trip to Minnesota after that. Chicago still has a West Coast trip in September.
Minnesota’s schedule is much less difficult. The Twins have been through the roughest patches.
Not sure if the American League Central race is going to play out like most of thought it would a week or two ago.

Random Thoughts

- Peyton Manning didn’t play in the Lions’ preseason game against the Colts last season. He was out with a knee injury. But he did in 2007. He also played a regular season game at Ford Field against the Lions - Thanksgiving Day 2004. Also in the regular season last season in Indy. In those three appearances. His combined stats for those games: 64-of-84 passing for 787 yards and 10 touchdowns. He wasn’t intercepted. Could be a little rough afternoon for the Lions Saturday.

- Fullback Jerome Felton seems to be an underrated player for the Lions. Not just is he a good blocker and receiver, but he is hard runner, who seems capable of getting tough yardage running inside. He might be the second-best runner on the team behind Kevin Smith.

- Evander Hood, the 300-pound defensive end/tackle from Missouri the Lions passed on to take tight end Brandon Pettigrew with the 20th overall pick in the NFL Draft, has three sacks and two preseason games for the Steelers.

My Column in Monday's Oakland Press about the Lions quarterback situation:



Anonymous Jeff said...

Remember the '87 & '06 Twins? I'm still suffering nightmares from those seasons. How the hell could Evans had allowed himself to get picked off at third?

2:17 PM 
Blogger Fred Brill said...

The Twins really never do go away, do they. Not in a game the Tiger's play against 'em, not in a season.

If the Twins would have gone to the National League instead of the Brewers - I'm convinced they would be the dynasty now that the Braves were in the National League in the 90s.

But I don't think they will surpass the ChiSox as our chief divsion obstacle. I don't feel it.

If I can expose my NFL ignorance, the Lions have shown me nothing in these two preseason games. The defense is as poor as it was last year. The offensive line can't protect long enough for more than a screen pass or create any holes to let Smith through.

But we haven't seen the whole starting team together yet - alternating between Smith and Johnson - offesively.

I honestly don't see these guys winning more than four games - if even that. And I would love to have a Tigers-like experience in the fall with the Lions.

As a Georgia alum - I would like nothing better for Stafford to succeed - but it wont be this year - and will Stafford be the fall guy for a four win season?

That's just a dumb fan guys opinion - with no expertise to back it up.

Does it help if I told you I knew Herschel Walker?

It shouldn't. I was an LSU alum too.

8:08 PM 
Anonymous Michael C said...

If only that Cabrera guy could knock in some RBIs on the road, eh?

I've kept telling you its just a matter of time. It helps when he's got some guys on base.
So first it was that Cabrera can't hit with RISP. Then he dispelled that and it became he can't knock in RBIs on the road. What's next to complain about, no walk off homeruns this year? :p

On a more interesting note, the Tigers may have gotten the least production out of any team in the league from the 3 hole, and for sure for playoff teams. First it was Magglio when he was struggling so bad, then Clete, then Kelly, Rayburn, then Clete again, etc. Big difference from most playoff contenders that have star players there.

12:40 AM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

Terrific player and better guy, but very bad moment.

12:02 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

Fred Brill,
I don't know about the Twins. All of a sudden guys come out of nowhere. Suddenly, Scott Baker is Cy Young.

12:03 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

Michael C,
I know you admire Cabrera as a player - and you should. He is headed for the Hall of Fame. But all yesterday's game did is prove my point. If he produces runs, they win. If he doesn't produce runs, they don't. It's as plain as night and day. He is the Tigers' key.

12:05 PM 

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