Wednesday, July 01, 2009

The Why And Why Nots Of Doug Collins

People wonder why Doug Collins is potentially the Pistons’ next coach. His first stint here didn’t exactly end well.
Here’s why he is being considered:
- He emphasizes defense and his teams have performed very well defensively.
- There has been an immediate improvement in record where he’s been before.
- It’s sometimes forgotten he was the late Will Robinson’s best player at Illinois State, and just how respected Robinson was in the Pistons’ organization.
Here’s why he shouldn’t be:
- Collins has been terrible at developing younger players, often ignoring them. Aren’t the Pistons trying to develop young players?
- His offense is slow-paced and boring. The Pistons won some games when Collins was here before, but they were decidedly dull and fans stayed away in droves.
- He just kind of loses it in sometimes in these bizarre ways that don’t make much sense, and subsequently he wears out his welcome quickly.

Random Thoughts

- Armando Galarraga flirted with disaster last night in Oakland. On the surface, it appeared to be a good outing. Not sure if it was a good sign. His lack of command is alarming. Not much separation in the velocity between his fastball and breaking ball, either. Does he ever throw a straight change? He needs one.

- The more I watch Adam Everett, the more I realize why he is considered a top-flight shortstop defensively. He is very good - especially at starting the double play. He is one of those players you have to see every day to appreciate.

- Yes. I do believe Joe Dumars comments about "never getting the benefit of the doubt" were odd. Granted he’s earned it with a pretty good track record and for the most part being a standup guy, but no front office executive in this town has ever been treated better by fans, or with more kid gloves by the media, than Dumars. You have people, a lot of them, who to this day still defend the Darko pick.

My Column in Wednesday's Oakland Press about how Dumars shortcomings lately:



Blogger maddog52 said...

I don't care about the Curry Firing. I find it extremely odd, but it was the right decision. Actually it was a decision that never should of been made. You can tell last year that Curry was way in over his head. Now a few years down the road serving on the bench for someone he might have been ready, but he wasn't last year.

I don't mind the Pistons looking at Charlie V. and Gordon, but Dumars has to make a trade. Charlie V and Gordon doesn't put us in the hunt. Now you do Charlie V, and Gordon and can some how go make a trade. I.e. a Bosh, Amare, or the West/Chandler combo u talked about before. You need to make a trade in addition to those 2 guys. If Joe can't pull something like that and the best he can do with all that money is Charlie V, and Gordon then well after 2010 he should be fired. There is a boat load of guys available next year. Including the Okurs, Boozers that are adding to that .. So there is someone to be had... He has to play is cards right make a big splash.. If he can't and the best he does is Charlie V and Gordon the next 2 years well then... He needs to be held under the fire and rightfully so.. At the same time the Piston fans need to be patient.

1:01 PM 
Blogger Fred Brill said...

The biggest surprise of this year is how good a first baseman Cabrera is becomming. HUGE improvement over last year.

And I like Everett at SS too. He's fitting in great. And I will happilly take any win Galarraga can get us.

These guys are playing like a team now - scraping out runs and not just counting on the long ball. Not sure what the h*** happened with Thames rounding third though. That was kind of embarrassing.

As far as Curry goes, did anyone really think he was more than a stop-gap coach - a one year coach. He should be thankful for the great experience he got as head coach in the NBA. He is not done as a head coach. He will pop up somewhere else - and good for him.

1:54 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

It wasn't that Curry that was fired, but the timing I found curious. Especially a day after that press conference.

1:06 AM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

Fred Brill,
It hasn't been by accident Cabrera has made such an improvement. He has really worked at it. Good for him.

1:07 AM 
Blogger Barry said...

Hey Pat, Everett is having one of his best years. Looks like a lock for the Tigers to sign him next year as some of the prospects are struggling except for Dlugach. Worth’s glove is worth mentioning. This was an excellent move by DD.

1:25 AM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

I would think so. Perfect fit for him in Detroit. Has family ties here.

1:45 AM 

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