Friday, September 05, 2008

Hall Bid For Davidson Deserved

William Davidson will be inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame, and it is long overdue.
Davidson has been a terrific owner for the Pistons. Not only has he brought three NBA championships, but he also produced The Palace of Auburn Hills with his own money. The only public money he received was about $5 million for improvements in the road structure around the venue. The rest came from his pocket.
Obviously, it was a great business decision. The Palace has paid for itself several times over, I’m sure, but it was considered a huge gamble at the time. It’s also a great building. The Palace is 20 years old, but is as viable today as when it was constructed. That’s a testament to the foresight of Davidson, who is also one of those no-nonsense types we admire so much in this area.
He also build an organization that is second to none I know of in professional sports. The Pistons just do things right - including win. It wasn’t a coincidence the Tampa Bay Lightning won the Stanley Cup when Davidson was owner, nor the Shock multiple WNBA titles, either.
Good to see Davidson’s accomplishments are moving out from under the radar on a national level.
Now, if he could just give William Clay Ford some advice...

Random Thoughts

- Last weekend’s losses to Utah for Michigan and to California for Michigan State were disappointing, but in a way, we’ll find out more about both teams this weekend.
If Michigan struggles to move the ball against Miami (Ohio), and the Spartans don’t have their way with Eastern Michigan, it will be a sign the problems were worse than displayed last Saturday against strong opponents.
I don’t anticipate that happening, by the way.
If the Utah game had continued for another quarter, I think Michigan would have won. I also believe if the two teams met again, at least in Ann Arbor, the Wolverines would win. Michigan was a much better team in the second half. I expect a continuation of that Saturday.
Miami allowed 269 yards rushing to Vanderbilt in its opener. Michigan should be able to get its ground attack untracked.
The Spartans hung in tough against Cal in a way, but were outrushed by a nearly 3-to-1 margin. That can’t happen if the Spartans are going to succeed this season with an I-formation offense and touting toughness defensively. Eastern pounded Indiana State and may be making some progress, but there is still a wide gap between the talent levels of these two programs. If MSU doesn’t win in a rout, it will be a bad omen for the Spartans.

Neither Michigan nor Michigan State can afford any unpleasant surprises this weekend.
- Prediction time: Michigan 35, Miami (Ohio) 10; Michigan State 52, Eastern Michigan 21; Lions 24, Falcons 13
Oh, and the Tigers losing two out of three to the Twins at the Metrodome.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Michigan couldn't score 35 points against Alma.

8:42 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

You might be right. Don't think Michigan and Notre Dame will combine for 35.

1:16 PM 

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