Monday, February 26, 2007

And So Jeter Doesn't Like A-Rod

I was watching "The Sports Reporters" Sunday morning on ESPN when Bob Ryan of the Boston Globe made a point of saying Alex Rodriguez is a better shortstop than Derek Jeter, "And everybody knows it.."
I’m not so sure about that. It’s a tough call. Jeter is awfully good. He was easily the Yankees’ best player against the Tigers during the postseason last year. A-Rod sure wasn’t.
What I do know is that I am sick and tired of hearing about A-Rod and Jeter. All the stuff that is going on in sports right now - and that’s what they are talking about to the point of absurdity nationally? Don’t tell me there isn’t a New York bias in the media. It has even infested the Tigers camp. Do you think there is any way Gary Sheffield gets this much attention nationally if he didn’t come to Detroit from the Yankees? So Jeter doesn’t like A-Rod and it hurts A-Rod’s feelings. I honestly don’t care. I do think Jeter gets too much credit for being a standup guy when he won’t help his teammate out. And I do think A-Rod is vilified too much because he did willingly switch positions while in his prime to accommodate Jeter. It’s typical of the New York media to pit one Yankee star against another. First it was Ruth and Gehrig, then Maris and Mantle, Jackson and Munson and now Jeter and A-Rod. Enough already. It’s a minor blip on baseball’s radar.

Random Thoughts

- Joe Thomas was very impressive during his combine workout this weekend. He ran sub-5.0 twice in the 40-yard dash and bench pressed 225 pounds 28 times. It is apparent he is a superior athlete for his position. Adrian Peterson ran a 4.4, putting near the top of the running backs. I still think the Lions should be thinking defense first in this draft, however.

- Director Martin Scorsese finally won his Oscar, but departed wasn’t nearly as a good as "Raging Bull," another Scorsese movie that just might be the best I have ever seen. By the way, I saw four of the five "Best Picture" nominations. "Babel" was by far the best. Not that I didn’t enjoy "The Departed," but "Babel" was brilliant, although at times disturbing.

- I hate to say it, but the best player in this draft is probably a wide receiver. I didn’t think Calvin Johnson was that fast, but he is. He clocked 4.35 in the 40. That’s cooking. And he is an incredibly productive football player. But the Lions are in a box. They can’t possibly take a QB or a wide receiver second overall because of what has happened in the past with Charles Rogers and Joey Harrington.


Anonymous jpleezy said...


What do you make of Brady Quinn's "slipping draft stock?" I personally think its absolutely absurd. I'm fine with people liking Russell more than him because that guy's a physical freak but c'mon, look at his track record over four years. The talk about Stanton passing Quinn is ridiculous in my opinion. They say he struggles with decision-making? Look at Stanton's decision-making in important games, the guy couldn't protect the football (Notre Dame 06). Quinn did not have much help this year despite all the media getting so excited about ND this year. He outbenched two of his offensive lineman at the combine. McShay on ESPN is jumping all over Quinn for not performing at the Senior Bowl and the combine. I don't remember Vince Young or Leinart participating in the combine last year, he didn't seem to have a problem with that. Also, who is he to say that he should participate in the Senior Bowl and risk an injury. Look at his body of work over four years, not some scrimmage...

Your thoughts?


11:11 AM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

I think it is absurd as well - to a degree. Quinn was a better player than Russell throughout his career and has more than enough physical talent to star in the NFL. But that one game where Russell outplayed him did happen. Quinn did lay a couple stink bombs in key games. If wants to erase that stigma, he should be working out at the combine. He should have a "bring it on" attitude. So in that way, I agree with McShay.

3:40 PM 
Anonymous Andrew Winklepleck said...


If the Yankees get to the World Series and Humberto Sanchez is in their rotation will anybody really care if Jeter and A-rod swap women like Yankees of the past?

Correct me if I'm wrong, and I get corrected a plenty, but the last quarterback from a Louisiana university to be selected second in the NFL draft was some guy named Bradshaw by the Steelers. Let's forget the Lions past drafts' history and repeat it by picking a quarterback. Just not one from the Midwest.

Truly enjoyed hearing Paul Woods on your program tonight on the X. I liked your reference from Lyle Phair about this being "bandwagon" town. We better make sure that the wheel axles are greased for when the Winged wheel is playing in the Conference final.

Please thank Mr. Phair from me for his leadership of the Suburban Hockey School staff and program. My son has participated in their schools since he was a first year mite. This year, he's a second year squirt, and his Novi house team won their district championship on Hockey day. Now the boys are going to play in the State tournament come March. But he still doesn't know what comprises a Gordie Howe hat trick.

Andrew Winkle

11:21 PM 
Anonymous Flog said...


I love the opening scene in Raging Bull with the Cavalleria Rusticana playing as Robert Dinero prances in the ring....Favorite Scorcese film is Good Fellas...

I wouldn't mind the Lions drafting Joe Thomas at #2 then Stanton in the second or third round. We keep harping on how bad the o-line is, so the Lion's need to shore it up with a possible stud. For some reason, Brady Quinn reminds me of Joey Harrington, but he'll probably be a better pro. That Charlie Weiss pedigree will help.

I just tune out all that Yankee melodrama. Comes with the territory. As long as he produces, they can shower all the attention on Gary Sheffield. I'd rather have it that way. It keeps guys like Granderson, Verlander, Bonderman etc. under the radar....Joel Zumaya will steal some thunder from Sheffield.

1:32 AM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

Andrew Winklepleck,
Lyle's a good guy. I respect his work and that of Suburban Hockey. They are great for the game. Sanchez has good ability and the Yankees are pushing younger pitchers through their system now instead of trading them, kind of following the model of the Tigers and Twins. I will be interesting to see how it plays out.

10:24 AM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

"Goodfellas," "Raging Bull," "Gangs of New York" were all better than "The Departed." I have to admit to seeing something missing in Quinn. It might be the same intangible that is also missing in Joey.

10:27 AM 

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