Monday, January 22, 2007

Webber Move: So Far, So Good

It was Friday night, late at the end of what had not been all that exciting of an NBA game.
But I cannot help but wonder if what the Pistons did in overtime at Minnesota Friday night was not a turning point for their season.
Chris Webber played very well in that game. He fit in like a glove with his passing. He made a couple key plays, including scoring in overtime. It was more than that, though. Everybody, it seemed, made a key play or basket. The Timberwolves are not a great team by any stretch of the imagination. Kevin Garnett had been thrown out of the game earlier, sure, but it was a struggle nonetheless on the road - and the Pistons won it after they had lost six of their previous nine games. Ultimately, it might prove to be a very important victory. Certainly it looked like it based on the way the Pistons played Saturday against Sacramento. Looks like the Pistons are getting their act together.

Random thoughts

- The most mystifying move of the off season was when the White Sox traded Brandon McCarthy on the heels of dumping Freddie Garcia. Maybe White Sox GM Ken Williams knows something we do not know, but it seems like those two moves have opened the door for the Tigers to edge out the White Sox again. The Tigers starting pitching is clearly better now.

- Hope some of you saw “Hockey Night in Canada” Saturday. Sidney Crosby and the Penguins put on quite a show against the Maple Leafs. Seems like the NHL has found its next Gretzky - and nobody outside of the hockey geeks know about it. That is a shame.

- When Michigan plays Ohio State and Wisconsin, the Wolverines will need to at least be competitive. If they get destroyed, like at UCLA, their credibility - already shaky - will suffer immensely.


Blogger maddog52 said...

I was close Book. I chose the Bears and Patriots. In my mind the Patriots had the game. Of course that was the first half and there is definately a reason (other then for the lions or cardinals) that you play 4 quarters. There are a couple of things to look at. 1. The saints just weren't ready. I do like them as far as the future goes. I think bush is the real deal. 2- Grossman owes his defense one hell of a dinner. As it was them not him that got the Bears to the super bowl. 3- Peyton Manning answered the call and what made a great game thrilling to the wire. However, personally if you gave Manning Caldwell, and Gaffney and provided Brady with Harrison and Wayne. I think the outcome may have been a tad different. At the same time the Colts made the plays when it counted.

Personally my early prediction I give the edge to the Colts.I think the Colts D with Bob Sanders Playing is much better then the Bears O and I think the COlts O is potent enough to hang with the Bears D. Plus Colts have the better kicker. Super Bowl 41 winner heard here first The Indianapolis Colts.

I hear some interesting things in regards to the Lions. I here they are rumored to be going after Adalius Thomas, and Simieon Rice. Definate upgrade. With Kennedy, Bly, and Simms in place. If they do add those 2 guys. i can see them going Alan Branch or one of the fine Defensive Ends in the draft and trading away Big Baby. I think it would be a positive that they build up one side of the ball with a good core. Once they come good there then worry about the other.

So far I think you have to give Webber a two thumbs up. I tell you I think the key is going to be Flip. This is where i think a good coach comes in. If you watched the last couple of games and even that Utah one. WHen the Pistons were rolling nicely. They were passing the ball getting it inside and taking the right shots. WHen they start to get sloppy they play one on one basketball and that is not the Pistons style. A good coach like L.B. or Carslile would call the timeout. ANd say to them what the hell are you doing. Get them back to the basics. Flip calls time outs but in my mind sometimes he calls them to late. I just don't think he is a good game manager. I think that is why he was ousted in the playoffs so early in Minnesota and that is why i don't think he can control this team to get them over the hump. Just my opinion. He is a good coach and offensive mind. I just think he needs to do a better job. Overall though I think there is some excitement and it will get even better once lazy only worried about himself flip murray and mohammad get out of town.

11:08 AM 
Blogger ThinkingMan said...

Hi Pat,

I've been somewhat shocked at the White Sox moves, too. The Garcia move was a salary dump, I guess, but the McCarthy deal made no sense. He looks like a really good young pitcher. Their starting pitching was a real strength a few years ago, but now they have Garland and Burhle(who was not very good last year). I think Cleveland is now the biggest threat to the Tigers. If were making predictions, I would put the AL Central this way right now:

1. Detroit
2. Cleveland
3. Minnesota
4. Chicago
5. K.C.

But it will be tight. I think all four of the top teams could win 87-95 games. I think K.C. will be much improved, too.

As far as Chris Webber, he's clearly an upgrade over Nazr Mohammed. But I think Chris has some pretty big limitations now. He looks heavy to me and he's not moving well at all. Running down the court seems like a big chore. I wouldn't play him more than about 25 minutes a night.

12:13 PM 
Blogger mudhenfan said...

Mystified doesn’t accurately describe how I
feel about Ken Williams trading Brandon
McCarthy. Shocked is more appropriate
my case. The White Sox had the entire
baseball world believing that McCarthy
was soon to be the next great right handed
hurler in all of baseball. When Garcia was
traded, I figured it was necessary in order
to slot McCarthy into the rotation. It’s almost
like Williams is conceding the division. He
received 3 pitching prospects in return.
Maybe he looked at the arms in the Tigers
farm system and is making an attempt to
emulate our flow of young talented arms
heading towards the show.

12:37 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

I did pick Indy to win the AFC title game and New Orleans the NFC. So I went the opposite you did. But honestly, I thought they were pick 'em games. I am stunned by the margin of victory the Bears had over the Saints. The Lions definitely need a passer rush. I doubt Thomas will be set free and Rice has seen his better days.

11:36 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

Cleveland has some thunder in its lineup and some decent starting pitching, but I still don't like their bullpen - and the Indians are brutal defensively.

11:38 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

I sometimes think Williams likes to go against the grain. The prospects he received are really good ones, but McCarthy could star. He looks pretty good to me.

11:39 PM 
Blogger maddog52 said...

So that mean you are taking Indy as your S.B. Pick as well.

I agree the margin of victory by the bears was stunning. I really thought after the bush TD that New Orleans would storm back and Grossman would faulter. But much like dilfer did with the Ravens. He did just enough to win.

I don't think the Ravens will let Thomas go either. It be a nice addition though. I really like Redding as a DT. I think adding Branch would be a nice clog in the middle. Allowing Redding (if we sign him) to use his speed to get to the QB. With taht said I'd trade Rogers. Try ang get something for him if you can.

9:39 AM 
Anonymous Marty said...

I am surprised that so many people are saying that if Indianapolis loses, that they are choking against an inferior team. Chicago is arguably the better team, and the only positions where they don't stack up well is at QB and reciever. Everywhere else they have superior talent to the Colts. They even won more games. The fact that they are considered a large underdog is pathetic, and I wouldn't be surprised if they killed the Colts, and I don't say that as any disrespect to the Colts, I just feel that the Bears match up very well with them.

That being said, I would like the Colts to win, because I like Tony Dungy, and I don't really like the Bears (being a division rival and all), but logic tells me that the Bears should win this game.


2:59 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

You make an excellent point about the Bears. And it's not like they don't have good receivers. I wonder if the Bears will blitz the same way New England did. Seemed like Manning burned the blitz.

3:25 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

I don't know yet about my Super Bowl pick. I'm leaning toward Indy, but still don't know if it would be wise to trust Manning and Dungy in the big one.

3:27 PM 

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