Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Give Me The Fall Classic, Please

Do not get me wrong. The Super Bowl is just fine. Sometimes the hype gets overwhelming, but I do enjoy the game. I like the Stanley Cup playoffs immensely, but in their totality more than just the finals. Seems like the finals, and I do not know exactly why, are often anti-climatic. The NBA Finals are often exciting - especially back in the day when Magic went against the Pistons and the Bird and the Celtics. The NCAA championship game, too. But to me, the World Series tops them all. There have been more memorable moments and legends sealed in it down through the years than all the other big events combined. It is not just one game, like the Super Bowl and the NCAA title game. A team down 3 games to 1 has a legitimate chance to come back. That is not really true in the other sports. And baseball is meant more than any other sport for moments. You never forget those World Series moments. Too bad the World Series last year was such a dud. At least the rest of the playoffs, especially the Tigers divisional series with the Yankees and the Cardinals win over the Mets in the NLCS, were compelling.

Random Thoughts

- One of my favorite events is the Senior Bowl. The best part of the NFL Network is the way they cover it. I cannot wait for the NFL Draft. Personally, I do not think Joe Thomas, the big offensive tackle from Wisconsin is that good. But at this point, I do not see a clear-cut pick for the Lions. I know this, the organization collectively lacks the guts to do the right thing and take a quarterback in the first round.

- What happened to University of Detroit basketball? The Titans are 6-12 and have not had a winning season 2003-2004. Seems like they are slipping. I would like to see the Titans play Oakland. Seems like a natural rivalry. It is odd they do not play each other. They should every season.

- I love the grit Drew Stanton displays, and he can certainly run. He just does not seem to be as fluid as the top quarterbacks in the NFL.


Anonymous Marty said...

I don't know what happened in Detroit. They were really good for a long time with Jarious Jackson, Bacari Alexander, Rashad Phillips, and Willie Green. I was hoping that Brandon Cotton would be a player along the lines of Rashad Phillips, and Perry could surround him with tough role players, but he just isn't that good. Although Rashad Phillips was REALLY good (I am surprized he isn't scoring 20-25 points a game in the NBA now), so that was probably an unfair comparison to begin with.

I remember being at the game where they lost the home winning streak - against Wright State no less. Imagine having the longest home winning streak in the nation, and losing it the same day that you got it. I was so angry, I kicked a basketball that was sitting on the court and hit a guy from Wright State in the back of the head. Oh well, you do stupid tihngs in college sometimes.

10:02 AM 
Blogger mudhenfan said...


Among the many great things revolving
around the world series is the fact that
it’s been around so long. It bridges
generations like no other sport seems
to. I can remember my dearly departed
grandmother telling me about listening
to Schoolboy Rowe pitch. I also remember
my recently departed father taking me to
Tiger stadium to see just how good this
new guy, Billy Bruton was. I remember
one occasion sitting in amazement at the
size of Don Mossi’s ears.

A great thing about the World Series
is the fact that it gives a player the opportunity
to go from goat to hero overnight. One day
your 0 for 4 with runners in scoring position,
the following day you drive in the games
winning run.

A quarterback in the super bowl gets one
shot at it. If he has a bad game he lives with
it for a long, long time. No chance at redemption
the next evening.

Finally, in the World Series you can have three
bad days and still be the world champs.

11:48 AM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

Phillps was that good in college, but is probably too short to defend well in the NBA. Also, he was more of a shooter than a playermaker. That's why Green, who has good size, made it in the league.

4:15 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

Baseball still has the has the most wide appeal across ages and demographics than other sports. And it's tradition is deeper. Baseball is also the No. 1 sport in most of the major cities in this country.

4:17 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If I were a NFL GM, I'd worry a lot about Drew Stanton's durability BECAUSE of his penchant to run. Maybe 3rd/4th round

10:04 AM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

The kid was incredible at times at MSU. I do wonder how his skills will transfer to a conventional pro offense after playing John L. goofy scheme. It does seem like he could be either really good or not a factor in the NFL. And you're right - he'll have to learn to protect himself running the ball in the NFL.

10:38 AM 
Anonymous rjr said...

Hold on here, Pat. Tell me if I'm wrong but didn't you write a column recently questioning Greg Kampe's abilities as a D-1 coach after the inexplicable loss to Chicago State? Then a couple days ago, praises of Kampe were being sung because OU was 5 - 0 in the worst conference in the country? (Predictably, OU lost to the Orals)
I'm an OU alum and a season tix holder. My opinion is that OU teams have under-achieved constantly and consistently under Kampe. I would have changed coaches several years ago. Maybe Kampe can become AD and fire himself. Hidden here is the message: Kampe was good D-2 coach. Time for a change.
BTW, couldn't agree more about OU-UDM. A natural local rivalry with guaranteed good attendance (at OU) based on all Titan alums living in Oakland County. I'm sure there must be some reason why they don't play. Egos and specious snobbiness surely play a part.

11:17 AM 

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