Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Who is the Tigers MVP?

Who is the Tigers MVP?

Everybody knows that if the Manny Ramirez isn't the Boston Red Sox Most Valuable Player, then David Ortiz is. If Derek Jeter isn’t the MVP of the New York Yankees, then it is Alex Rodriguez. With the world champion Chicago White Sox last season, it was more difficult to discern. And so it is with the Tigers this season. Is it Kenny Rogers because of his stellar record and the way his work ethic and experience has benefitted the rest of the pitching staff? Who gets more clutch hits than center fielder Curtis Granderson? What about Magglio Ordonez? He has been the run producer the Tigers had been seeking? Or shortstop Carlos Guillen? Or rookie reliever Joel Zumaya?

I'd probably go with Granderson. He plays a premier position. He bats leadoff. He seems to start or finish more rallies with big hits than any other player. But it is an interesting debate and shows the Tigers depth throughout their roster.

Random Thoughts

- Dwyane Wade is the best player in the NBA. That was proven by his performance throughout the playoffs, but particularly during the Finals. Anybody who does not acknowledge Wade’s greatness has a serious case of sour grapes.

- Phil Mickelson had a chance to grab the brass ring at the U.S. Open and let it get away. He was on the verge of true greatness in his sport and blew it. Now you have to wonder if it will elude him forever. This much is certain: That never would have happened to Tiger Woods. That is the obvious difference between the two. It’s a shame, too, because Tiger needs a true rival. He’s never had his Arnold Palmer or his Lee Trevino or his Tom Watson the way Jack Nicklaus did.

- A clear sign it is the end of the world as I have known it: I was completely compelled by the World Cup soccer match between England and Sweden the other day. Just kidding. But I did watch. Well, at least for awhile. I kept waiting for England’s David Beckham to "bend it.." You know, like in the movie. But he never did.


Anonymous Nick said...

hey Book,
trade question for you. In the search for a left handed bat, what do you think of brian giles?

8:57 AM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

giles is obviously an excellent left-handed hitters, but I don't think he will be available. The Padres are still in the race in a very balance N.L. West. Also, the Tigers are likely to look at first basemen first for that left-handed bat because of Chris Shelton's recent struggles.

10:27 AM 

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