Thursday, June 15, 2006

Did the Lions pass on the next great QB?

Speculating on the Lions' draft is like trying to figure out what the cost of gasoline will be in three years.

It falls under the category of, "Who knows?"

It all depends on Matt Leinart, the quarterback from the University of Southern California they passed on with the ninth overall pick.

A year ago, after he won the Heisman Trophy, Leinart was projected as the first overall selection in the draft. He stayed in school, though, dominated at the college-level again, yet somehow slipped in the draft. I hear it was because of a less than impressive pro day workout.

I like the Lions' choice of linebacker Ernie Sims at ninth overall. He is a very aggressive, hard-hitting player. That's assuming he has no problems with concussions, which he did at Florida State. But I still would have taken Leinart.

Why? It's simple: The Lions have had a lot of great linebackers down through the years. They have had a lot of great players at all positions down through the years. Oh, except at quarterback since Bobby Layne was traded in 1958. It's their one longstanding obvious hole, and the biggest reason they consistently flounder.

If Leinart stars in Arizona, Lions fans will rue the day they passed on him - even if Sims becomes a good player. One thing to remember, however - the Cardinals are the only NFL franchise with a consistently worse track record than the Lions. Leinart has even more ghosts to remove in Arizona than he would have had in Detroit.

Another Millen moment

Most foolish statement of the draft: Lions president Matt Millen saying Sims' history of concussions is "not an issue."

Thumbs up for Scott, down for Calhoun

The only Lions' draft choice that was truly questionable was running back Brian Calhoun in the third round. He is not that big nor that fast and the Lions had a lot of needs they could have addressed there, particularly along the offensive line, although they did well in that regard later in the draft. Jonathan Scott from Texas was a solid pick in the fifth round.

Kudos to West Bloomfield's baseball team

The Lakers are on a roll after sweeping a tough Okemos squad in a doubleheader over the weekend. Could West Bloomfield make a run in the state tournament? Stay tuned.

Rogers a great pickup

Kenny Rogers may be 41, but he pitches younger than that because he is in great shape physically, a terrific athlete who fields his position particularly well and relies on finesse with his pitch menu. A lot of people got sticker shock when the Tigers gave Rogers $16 million for two years as a free agent , but he's already got four victories. It's turning out he was a bargain at the price.

The Red Wing that...

...needs to show up the most in Game Six tonight, obviously besides goalie Manny Legace, is Kris Draper. He is the heart and soul of the Red Wings' grit game. Yet, he's been non-existent during their opening-round series against Edmonton.


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