Monday, May 18, 2015

The Tigers, Victor Martinez and what to do

You must appreciate Victor Martinez and his desire to play with less than perfect health, but seldom has it ever been more apparent a player belongs on the disabled list. He is not only limping, but his knee ailment is clearly causing him issues hitting left-handed. His at bats during the Tigers' 3-2 loss to Milwaukee didn't look good. He hasn't been himself all season. The idea of VMart hitting right-handed against right-handed pitching is ridiculous.
The club has called up outfielder Tyler Collins from Toledo. Hopefully it is to put VMart on the DL.
The Tigers are playing reasonably well right now. Their lack of left-handed hitting hasn't hurt them yet. Certainly, at this point, VMart isn't that answer for the Tigers in that regard anyway because of his knee. But he could be later, if he were to rest his knee, get it right and be ready for the long run.
Sometimes discretion is the better part of valor. This is one of those examples. A very, very obvious one.
My thoughts on the Tigers' 3-2 loss to Milwaukee Monday:

My column. Matthew Stafford is finally "excuse proof." Time for him to deliver:


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