Sunday, May 10, 2015

Is Shane Greene a Rick Porcello clone? Not really. This is why not

One of the upsides about Shane Greene, at least when projected by the Tigers, is that he would throw harder and miss more bats than Rick Porcello, therefore reducing the margin for error.
Instead, Greene has been a groundball machine much like Porcello. especially tonight.
Greene's fastball velocity is down from last season when he was with the Yankees, from 93.5 to 92.4 according to PITCHfx with his four-seam (straight) fastball, and 92.7 to 91.4 with his two-seamer (sinking fastball). That was before tonight when he has thrown with roughly the same velocity and induced so many groundouts. Greene entered Sunday striking out just 5.6 hitters per nine innings after striking out slightly more than a hitter per inning last season (9.3 per nine innings).
By the way, Porcello's velocity is roughly the same with the Red Sox as it was with the Tigers, in the 90 to 91 mph range with both his four- and two-seam fastballs.
Greene still throws considerably harder than Porcello.


Blogger Barry said...

Hey Pat, I do agree and Shane's slider is better. I think his stuff is little bit like Bonderman.

11:26 PM 
Blogger Fred Brill said...

I think this is the most exciting Tiger's team I have seen since 2006. And 2006 only because it was so unexpected and so new to us Tiger fans to be relevant again.

BTW - We need to thank Pudge for that. He got this sinking ship started again - before Dombrowski and Leyland got here.

This 2015 Tigers squad potentially has more of everything. Even the bullpen is potentially stronger should Rondone come back. And I still haven't written off Verlander. And the Tigers have a bonafide closer in Sorria. For the last 9 years the Tigers had power and great starting pitching and they raced every team for run totals. Now the Tigers have defense and offensive speed - so much more weaponry.

But we do need more bullpen. And maybe even a trade for another starter.

The question to me is who will blink first. Has it already happened with this last slump skid they came out of or will KC hit a skid of their own?

I know the season is 162 games long, but since that game 163 with the Twinkies back in 2009 - I became converted to the ideology that every game is important and there are no throw awy games. This KC team just as exciting our Tigers and more threatening than those 2009 Twinkies.

As Yogi said (in honor of his 90th birthday last week) - "it aint over till its over" - and - "If you don't know where you're going you might wind up someplace else"

Of course, he also said "Cut my pizza in four slices, I don't think I can eat six"

- great stuff Book, this is exciting!

10:23 AM 

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