Thursday, May 21, 2015

An improved Nick Castellanos? How evidence is starting to suggest it

Nick Castellanos' traditional statistics weren't bad for a 22-year-old rookie last year, but the Tigers' third baseman's advanced metrics were disappointing. He had a negative WAR (minus 1.4 version). His defensive ratings across the board were shocking below average. He had a high percentage of extra base hits, but otherwise his offensive statistics were not necessarily stellar.
And it's not like he still doesn't have work to do. For example, Castellanos has an on base percentage below .300.
But there is progress. He is a plus WAR player this in 2015 year, albeit at just 0.2. His defensive metrics are much better, suggesting the work Castellanos did on his range has paid off. He is also starting to hit. He drilled a two-run homer to left field today off Astros right-hander Scott Feldman in the fourth inning. Last night, his bases-clearing, bases-loaded triple won the game for the Tigers. It came on a 2-2 pitch with two outs after he had fought off several nasty offerings from Brewers right-hander Jonathan Broxton. Castellanos is just 23, and has a solid approach at the plate (he tends to pull breaking balls and drive fastballs the other way). There are still times he looks like a weak link in an otherwise mostly formidable Tigers' batting order. But it's getting to be less, and there is a chance he will be a good MLB regular someday sooner instead of later. The year-to-year improvement Castellanos has made shows promise, not doom.

My column. With the safety net of Mike Babcock gone, it's time for GM Ken Holland to deliver for the Red Wings:


Blogger Barry said...

Pat, what I like about Nick is he is only 23. I think he will be a good everyday player not an all star. I don't think he was that bad as defensive metrics made him out to be but he was not good in 2014 defensively. I wonder how accurate defensive metrics is?

7:54 PM 
Blogger jr said...

This guy is lost at the plate. Certainly is no DH Of course Ausmus is a numb skull...Lol

8:47 AM 

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