Sunday, May 24, 2015

About Anibal Sanchez and his recent struggles

There are many concerns about Tigers Anibal Sanchez, and they are more than understandable. Is hurt? How come he is allowing so many home runs?
Sunday Sanchez was lit up like a pinball machine by the Houston Astros, blowing a lead and despite striking out 11. He doesn't appear to be the same pitcher he was in 2013 when he won the AL ERA title at 2.57.
Sanchez's pitches don't have some level of movement as before. His velocity isn't down. It's been roughly like this most of his career, just slightly below 92 MLB. His big thing is funky movement on the pitch from a high arm angle. Everything has flattened out for him, including his off-speed pitches, and he has become decidedly hittable.
But is a reality. Sanchez didn't present himself as a top of the rotation starter when he was with the Marlins. His career ERA entering Sunday was 3.62 and his FIP 3.50. He hasn't been a dominant pitcher as much as inconsistent. In truth, 2013 was an aberration for his career.
I do believe he will pitch better than this at some point. Come on? A 6.12 ERA?.
But I can't say I'm shocked. At five years, $80 million, the Tigers rolled the dice a bit with Sanchez when he was riding high, but this is probably a case of pitching finding his level.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sanchez is a journeyman pitcher. So was Verlander last year and now he has arm problems. Father Time is working against him. Scherzer, Fister and Porcello are gone. Price was a great addition, but the others starters are cast-offs from other teams. The Tigers might have started out hot this year, but it was only a matter of time before reality set in.

2:03 AM 
Blogger Barry said...

Pat, I think there is something wrong with Anibal. Drop in velocity is a warning of a injury that has not shown up. Secondly, he not hitting his spot or his control has temporarily left him.

12:35 PM 

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