Monday, January 13, 2014

Most interesting and telling aspect of "60 Minutes" report on A-Rod yet to come

The "60 Minutes" report on Alex Rodriguez's suspension from baseball Sunday night (it was reduced from 162 games from 211 games this weekend) was explosive.
His alleged provider with PEDs, Anthony Bosch, provided great detail of Rodriguez's usage, and officials from MLB agreed to discuss the case.
Now, the MLBPA is pushing back in defense of one of its member, alleging MLB was wrong to discuss A-Rod's case so publicly.
To me, that's where the rub comes in. Is the rank and file of the membership really behind him? Will they see this as bullying on their fellow players by MLB, or join in with the idea A-Rod is only reaping what he sows?
In the past, players have followed a code. It is to protect their own, regardless if they were upset about PED usage. I can't tell you how many players I have talked to about the issue in the past, implicating their fellow players off the record, but zero have been willing to go on the record or even allow to be quoted with anonymity. Last summer, when several a numbers players were suspended by MLB as part of the Biogenesis probe, it was openly saluted by several players, who stated very publicly they want PEDs out of the game.
The MLBPA could be in a tough spot here if it makes it too big an issue with MLB because the commissioner's office, after literally decades of neglecting the issue and letting it run amok, has become much more aggressive in its attempt to level the playing field so the sport isn't based as much on designer drug usage.
PED using players lie through their teeth on this until the very end, and then often keep lying, regardless. And there is a fan base willing to forgive very quickly their transgressions.
The key is the current players. How do they feel? The MLBPA should give A-Rod its most vigorous defense, but if influences future restraints on PED use and testing and punishment in the name of abuse of A-Rod, then it is missing the point. That part is up to the rank and file of the players.


Blogger Fred Brill said...


I don't think I can take MLBs stance on PEDs seriously until they ban players that they have actually proven to have used PEDs from being in the hall of fame - perhaps even taking it as far for current players as banning them from the game. Yes, sadly - even Jhonny. Otherwise this is all a dog and pony excercise seen through smoke and mirrors.

Wait until we start seeing mechanical prosthetics show up - like an implant that help a pitcher throw 120MPH - it's not so outlandish given the appearance of the South African Sprinter in the Olympics - albeit the blade runners blades did not make him faster than everyone else. But it's like a train seen far accross the prairie planes - it's going to get here eventually.

I'm all for robot eye implants in Umps though ... just saying ...

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