Thursday, February 06, 2014

Strictly in terms of need, these should be the Lions first two NFL Draft picks

Justin Gilbert: Ideal Lions' first-round pick?
I thought initially the Lions needed a wide receiver first in this draft to present another viable target for QB Matthew Stafford other than Calvin Johnson, but two things have changed my view. One is how the landscape of the NFL is changing. Like every other sport, it goes in cycles, and has clearly changed.
Quarterback is still important, and so is the passing game, it always will be in the NFL. For awhile, though, it was the only thing. Now defenses are catching up, with one moving by these prolific passing attacks, the Seattle Seahawks, who resoundingly won the Super Bowl.
Secondly, the Lions have hired Joe Lombardi an offensive coordinator. He cut his teeth with the Saints, whose scheme was dependent on having big-play ability at tight end
Also, the one wide receiver available worthy of the 10th overall pick, Sanmy Watkins from Clemson, is not going to be there. Mike Evans from Texas A&M and Marques Lee from USC would seem to be a stretch at 10th overall. At this point, before the testing begins I'd look at Justin Gilbert, the cornerback from Oklahoma State, as the Lions' ideal first-round draft choice. He is a playmaker, who is also an exceptional returnman. Ideally, the Lions need a taller corner, but it's like the 6-0, 200-pound Gilbert is small.
 In the second round, Texas Tech tight end Jace Amaro would be a perfect fit. As for wide receiver, it's a position of depth and can be addressed later in the draft. Josh Huff from Oregon might be a possibility in the later rounds.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pat. You do understand that for the near future, none of this matters, correct? In the NFC, Seattle and San Fran are light years ahead of the Lions, Carolina is coming on, and as long as Aaron Rodgers and Drew Brees are around, with their respective coaching staffs, the Lions will be mediocre at best in the whole scheme of things. Though not 0-16, the Lions still have more holes than they do substance.

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