Thursday, May 09, 2013

On Oakland University joining the Horizon League

I viewed the Summit League as NCAA Division I's version of plankton. It's definitely at the bottom of the food chain. As long as Oakland University was in that conference, it's cache as a legitimate Division I college athletic program was going to be limited. Joining the Horizon League makes the ceiling higher, and the fit is much better geographically. That's across the board - in all sports.
Greg Kampe, Oakland University: Moving on up
But men's basketball is the ruler, and it's ridiculous Oakland and Detroit haven't played in several years because of a scheduling dispute. Oakland felt the Titans owed it a game in Oakland's gym, and did have a point, but Detroit has, to its own detriment, looked down upon Oakland. It was silly. The local media attention when the two schools play will only be beneficial to Detroit. It's a natural rivalry - a city school vs. a suburban school, a private university vs. a public one. I see both universities and athletic programs as local gems.
They could also, perhaps, get together to help bring the Horizon League tournament to The Palace, and work together toward the common goal of getting the Final Four back to Detroit and Ford Field. Both schools seem to have a great relationship with the NCAA, Detroit from hosting the Final Four in 2009 at Ford Field, and Oakland by hosting NCAA tournament rounds at The Palace, including in 2013.


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Going from the Summit to the Horizon is like a baseball player going from A to AA. He's still a couple steps away from playing with the big boys. U of D had absolutely zero to do with bringing NCAA hoops to Ford Field a few years back. Oakland "hosted" a playoff round at the Palace. Just what exactly did they do? Have Grizz greeters at the doors, ala Walmart?

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