Tuesday, April 23, 2013

On Detroit Lions and NFL Draft, Tigers needed moves and Red Wings

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Blogger Barry said...

Pat, I have not had a problem with Mayhew's first picks since he has been here. Mayhew is a football guy and there something he does well. I like that he likes drafting the big men and he has stated that CB get hurt too easy and I agree. It is the 2nd round pick that pull my hair because RB too get hurt too often and character issues. Character issues can only get worse when these guys become instant millionaires. I would also avoid dirty players. I don't like his 3rd round picks because I believe there is still talent that can help where he drafts players that fits his scheme.
I think the Lions will draft either Ansah or Johnson if Fisher is not there. I am leaning towards Johnson because it is all about Strafford. If I am correct I have to agree with your co-worker that the 2nd round equals a WR. I okay with this because the Lions are not to win the super bowl anyway. There is a small possibility that Moore, Montgomery or Washington still be there at round 3. The first pick is the easiest as it is the most political pick. So you play it safe with the big men. Whoever is the sure pick between Ansah and Johnson.

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Blogger Barry said...

Pat, I hope Dirks can snap out of it but he hasn't swung the bat well since first game in Lakeland. I think it is too early to give up on him. One guy that might leap frog Toledo is JJ, use to think he was a real prospect becasue he was playing AA back in 2011. He a left handed bat that is suppose to be a good OF. QB does bring speed to the game but that it. Not really a good OF and cannot cstch up to the fastball. He should be bunting more.

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