Saturday, March 23, 2013

Why VCU will be such a test for Michigan today

The perception Virginia Commonwealth is like a mid-major team that advanced one year to the Final Four based on a Cinderella Story just isn't true.
In truth, VCU has a well-established program. It is a part of a conference which is the most underrated in college basketball, the Atlantic 10, which is 6-0 in the NCAA tournament to this point. Yeah. 6-0. The A-10 has 15 percent of the victories in the tournament so far.
Michigan is a young team. The Wolverines' poise will greatly tested today. Their big edge: The home court advantage. I still like Michigan to win this game because it will be as close to a home game as possible at The Palace.
If it were on a neutral court, I'd think VCU would win it. As is, it will be an extremely tough test.


Anonymous ST said...

Well, certainly some good points, but not true none the less. UM beat that team up and down the court today. It wasn't even close. I think you underestimated, along with a lot of other pundits, that UM matched up really well with VCU. UM's strength is guard play, so VCU's pressing style played right into their strength.

5:55 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice call. If you call a 25 point blow out close.

3:55 AM 

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