Thursday, January 03, 2013

The problem even if the NHL settles its labor dispute soon

Think about this:
- After nearly eight months off for many of its players, the NHL is planning to cram 48-game schedule in after just eight days of training camp.
NHL fights are much better on ice than off it
- There reportedly will only be games played within the conference. For Red Wings' fans, that will mean a lot of the Columbus Bluejackets. Yippie.
- There is little time for teams to tweak their rosters. It will be a mad scramble to play what figures to be dreadful hockey to begin the "new" season.
- The Winter Classic, the league's marquee event, has come and gone.
- With NBC building its sports network around the NHL, and actually showing genuine interest in putting the NHL on its big network, the league had finally started gaining momentum in this country. That momentum will be essentially gone upon the league's return.
- It will skew the Stanley Cup playoffs.
- And for what?
This was reprehensible.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The problem begins and ends with greed. The. NHL wants so badly to be the NFL that rapid over expansion in awful markets has teams floundering costing the entire league money and instead of rescinding failing teams the league put the financial burden on the rest of the owners who of course don't want to loose money so they attempt to take it from the players....silly them fighting over my money so I wont give the NHL another cent until bettmen is fired for his lack of compentancy.

11:13 AM 

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