Friday, August 12, 2011

MVP candidate? Potential Hall of Famer? Some thoughts about Justin Verlander

Justin Verlander has 100 victories at the age of 28.
No other active major league pitcher 29 years or younger has more than 84. Next in line is Ervin Santana, who is also 28. It's not out of the realm Verlander is on a Hall of Fame pace. Even with many more starts remaining this season, he is averaging nearly 17 wins per year in his six full seasons in the major leagues, and has just entered his prime. His high ERA would be an issue. It's what likely has kept Jack Morris out of the Hall so far. (Morris has 254 victories, but his 3.90 ERA would be the highest of any Hall of Fame pitcher - although you'd think it would be considered he pitched smack dab in the middle of the so-called steroids era).
Verlander has lowered his ERA considerably this season. His career ERA entering this season was 3.76. He has dropped it to 2.35 for this year - and lowered it to 3.58 overall.
Verlander has already pitched two no hitters in his career and is an obvious threat to throw more. You can make a strong case he is an MVP candidate this season. Of his 17 wins so far, 13 came after the Tigers lost the prior game. Another victory was against Cleveland earlier this season when both teams were tied for first. His 17 victories represent 27 percent of the Tigers' total victories. He leads the American League in wins, innings pitched, strikeouts and has the best WHIP.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Excellent thought Pat....

3:41 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

MVP or Cy Young yes, but we're getting a bit ahead of ourselves for the Hall of Fame.

As hard as he throws, he could get injured. Can we spell Tiger Woods? It's a matter whether he can hold up like other great pitchers like Nolan Ryan and Don Drysdale.

You're right, though, he's on track - and look how much he has matured since he came into the league and was hyper and threw a large percentage of fast balls.

He has an eery sense of confidence (always was competitive)that he didn't have a couple yrs ago.

5:58 PM 
Anonymous woody said...

12 more seasons of 16-17 wins/season to get to 300. He's slightly ahead of Halladay's pace of 184 wins age 34. Behind Sabathia who at 31 has 173 wins and Felix Hernandez 81 at age 25.

Among active starters, he trails only Johan Santana, Peavy, Hamels, Beckett in K/9. Most of those guys have had injury issues.

He's definitely on the HOF track at this point and has proven durable. I like his chances. His fastball is such a plus pitch, it will still be an above average major league fastball when he loses some velocity later in his career. having that in his arsenal should give his career a long arc.

10:57 AM 

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