Friday, July 22, 2011

On the Tigers' biggest need, Verlander and Pistons hiring Lawrence Frank

I think the Tigers can mix and match with the fifth starter spot the rest of the season. I feel bullpen depth is their biggest area of concern because other than Justin Verlander, their starters are 6-inning pitchers. Rick Porcello is averaging 5 2-3 innings per start, Max Scherzer just under six and Brad Penny 6 1-3. And that's before you factor in the fifth starter.

- Jared Weaver has better statistics than Justin Verlander. That's just a fact. But they are only slightly better, and there is no way Weaver has meant as much to the Angels as Verlander has to the Tigers. Nearly a fifth of the Tigers' victories this season - 10 - have been decisions won by Verlander following Detroit losses. He's picked up the club time after time this season.
I think Weaver is terrific. Don't get me wrong. But who has better "stuff." Who would you take in one game right now?
I'd take Verlander. He is why, if the Tigers somehow get to the postseason, they have a fighting chance to surprise in a series or two.

- I would have taken Mike Woodson over Lawrence Frank as Pistons' head coach. One of the problems the Pistons have had is controlling players. Woodson's status as a former player of note would help him in that regard. Also, I didn't think Frank did that well in New Jersey. He completely lost his last Nets' team and was more of a media darling than an actual success. If the Pistons wanted Brian Hill, John Kuester's top assistant last season, they should have just named him head coach. Hill and Frank are obviously closely tied.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dumars and the new owner need to take control of the roster, and make sure the unprofessional behavior of recent times ceases, and that the players play HARD.

The players aren't "controlled" by the coach. They are "controlled" by their obligation to honor their contracts, paid for by the guy who signs their paycheck.

Recently, Pistons players seem to have forgotten all that. I'd get rid of them the instant they do it again, if not before then.

The Pistons can stink and lose with me and you in the lineup, Book. No need to hang on to malcontents who are just collecting a paycheck and making trouble... and losing games.

7:24 AM 
Blogger Barry said...

Pat, depends on which stats you are looking at. Verlander has a better K ratio and slightly better BB ratio. Verlander also has a slightly better at opposing batting avg. This is important stat because the Tigers are near the bottom when it comes to fielding and the Angels are near the top. Tigers score a lot of runs so Verlander on some outing can cruise. The Angels are in the middle of the pack when it comes to run score. Weaver has to be on top of his game more. Verlander is a true power pitcher with a great breaking and good delivery. He also has a good change and slider. He has the complete package. Weaver has nice movement on his change-up and sometimes cuts the fastball. He relies more on location and ball movement. He throw across his body too or usual delivery but effective. The only impressive stat I would give to Weaver is he keeps the ball in the ballpark more.

1:10 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I don't know that Weaver has better overall stats than Verlander. Weaver has a better ERA and winning percentage. They are tied for wins (if you like wins) with Weaver having one fewer start, and they are tied for shutouts and complete games. But Verlander has a better WHIP, more strikeouts, has pitched more innings, has more quality starts, has lower batting average against, and has the no-hitter against Toronto.

I know you like JV, and have been a big defender in the past. Just wanted to throw some more stats out there at you. I don't think it's so cut-and-dry. In 2011, I would take JV stuff-wise and stats-wise over Weaver, and I think he should be the consensus AL Cy Young winner if the season ended today.


1:27 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The consensus in pitching metrics these days say that Verlander's stats are better than Weaver's. Your "fact" may have been true 50 years ago but is not accepted anymore. Stats like xFIP show that Weaver has mostly been held up by a fluky low amount of home runs against. Unless you actually believe that he has a magic ability surpress home runs that he suddenly gained this year, then Verlander has the better peripherals.

6:57 PM 
Anonymous woody said...

looking up weaver's numbers...he's been 6-2 in games pitched after a loss. verlander 10-3.

being a stopper should be part of the resume of a cy young winner. it looks like they're both doing an excellent job of that.

winning games when your team gives little run support (3 runs or less) should be part of the criteria too. Weaver is 4-3 in those games. Verlander 3-3.

the race for cy is tight and it may come down to which player's team makes the playoffs. the no-hitter may also be one of the decisive factors.

also not to be overlooked in the discussion for cy is beckett.

12:59 PM 

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